1B Update #9

February 12, 2016

What's Happening in 1B

We had our first Townhall Meeting! What’s that you ask? Well, it’s the equivalent of a school assembly where the whole school gathers to discuss school events. Students are also asking questions that they have about the school and then faculty and staff members are special guests who answer the questions. At this Townhall Meeting, the announcement was made that the school will be doing Math Olympics where we will work together to solve a million math problems! More on this later. Check out a photo of us below.

See below for other updates!


We have been working so hard on discovering new ways to solve math. The past fews weeks we have been working on finding new strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have continued our investigation of breaking numbers into 10’s to make our work more efficient. For Number Stories we have been working on more comparing problems. We encourage you to work with your child on those types of problems to build their confidence. A comparing problem to work on at home is “Emily had collected 21 coins. She had 12 more coins than Julia. How many coins did Julia have?”

Our First School Assembly!

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Parent Notes

BPCS Spring Gala and Auction, March 12, 2016

Save the date of March 12, 2016 for Our School’s Biggest Annual Fundraiser —our Spring Gala & Auction. This year’s event will pay tribute to BPCS’s first graduating class of seniors, so we hope to have great turnout! In addition to supporting the Gala with your attendance, we are seeking volunteers to help plan as well as on the night of the event. Here are some of the things that you can do: solicit auction items, help with auction website and promotion, organize volunteers, help decide the menu, procure dessert donations, and more. You can sign up here or emailauction@brooklynprospect.org to get involved — a little or a lot. We would love to have your help!


If you would like your child to eat breakfast with us, we encourage them to arrive at 8:10am so they can finish by 8:30 when we begin Morning Meeting where each student is greeted, participates in an activity or game, and we set goals for our day.

Backpack Books Program

The “Backpack Books” Home Program is a way for your child to have more opportunities to read at their independent reading level. The school will provide a book or two for your child to read at least two times to you before returning it in their yellow Take Home Folder. Please return the book and the folder together. The check out and return schedule is below.

“Backpack Books” Home Program Schedule

Friday: Book goes home.

Sat - Tuesday: Child reads at least two times. Please mark on the Reading Log that your child read the book.

Wednesday: Book is returned in yellow Take Home Folder with the Reading Log.

Friday: New book goes home if previous book was returned.

We thank you in advance for your support in helping us to ensure that these books are returned in the folders each Wednesday.

Physical Education Update from Coach M

Our Winter Olympics Unit is in full swing! We have learned sports that take place in the olympics and we are practicing them in our gymnasium (modified of course) since we do not have a real ice skating rink and bobsled course available :)

We have learned about Curling, Bobsled & Skeleton.

Check out these future Olympians in action!

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

Our first grade Scientists are learning all about how to use lab equipment like vials, pipettes, and trays! Because they’re also learning about matter through their Inquiry time, Science is a time to get technical and get our hands dirty as we explore chemistry concepts with hand-on activities. For example, students have learned about the difference between a mixture and a solution, which aligns to their conceptual understanding of physical versus chemical changes, respectively (mixtures can be separated / physical changes are temporary and reversible; solutions and chemical changes both produce permanent, irreversible results) by mixing oil and water and then watching the liquids separate. Working with these lab materials and studying these concepts has been fun, messy, and hands-on.

Reminder! Follow Ms. Rosabal on Instagram @rosabal_the_science_pal for more regular, up-to-the-minute reporting on what’s happening in the Science / Art Studio Lab.

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First Grade Artists Rock Their Collages!

First graders have been working really hard on building team spirit! After looking at the work of David Park (San Francisco Figurative Painter from the 50’s), 1B Artists created their own portraits. They mixed paint to create colors close to their unique flesh tones which they then shared with each other — to collage self portrait collages. Please check out their work on display on the eighth floor. Beneath their portraits, you can see what they like about their work as well as things they could improve next time!

Happy Vacation! Take some time to draw, paint, and maybe visit a museum! Your student will love it!