Thomas Croft

Who Am I?

Three things i like......

Supra Wakeboard Team Video - Sam Brown - Worlds best 10 year old wakeboarder - Part 3

My Brief Biography

My name is Thomas Croft and I've lived in Salt Lake my whole life. I have 3 siblings and 2 dogs. I love the outdoors especially hiking with my dogs, snow skiing, and wake boarding. I'm always interested in learning new tricks or exploring new places. I either like a huge snow storm with a few feet of snow or it haas to be completely sunny i don't like the in between weather. I love cars and will go to the car show every year with my dad and brothers. I'm excited to graduate high school and start collage at the U, I wanna be a contractor when I'm older and own my own company.

Smore thoughts

I think smore is a fun way to get to know people it gives all the basic things you need to know about someone in a fun way.