Motion Project Lessons

Students-Centered Lessons [circular & gravitation]

AP Physics 2 - Gravitation

Guy Morales, Conley Green, Nicholas Harrison, Zane Wall
The Universal Gravitation Formula
Gravity - From Newton to Einstein - The Elegant Universe

8th AP Physics [Isaiah, Chandler, Hayden

The following material is from Circular Motion Project given by the above students.

8th Period Alexxis and Cora

Universal Gravitation

2nd AP Physics

Reagan, Marc, Jarrett, Jordan

2nd AP Physics

WIlliam, Jasmine, Tim, Spencer, Triston
The Sport Science of Paul Rabil's Lacrosse Shot Watch Major League Lacrosse on ESPN3.Com

2 AP Physics

Kaytlin, Lindsay, Alex

8 AP Physics

Grant, Clydos, Rebecca, Juan

8 AP Physics

Yasimine, Devin, Hunter, Jonas