Layers of the Earth

By Abigail Keesling


They are for main layers of the Earth, the crust, the mantle, the outter core, and the inner core. The first layer of the Earth is the crust.The second layer of the Earth is the mantle.The third layer of the Earth is the outter core. The last layer of the Earth is the inner core.


The crust is the top layer of the Earth it is also the thinnest layer. They are two kinds of crust the continental and the oceanic crust. The continental crust is the thickest layer of the crust. The oceanic crust is the thinnest of the two. The crust is made of ignious, sedementry, and metemorphous rocks. The crust is from 3-5 miles thick.
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The mantle is the second layer it is also the thickest layer. The mantle is made of incredibly hot rock that is keep msolid by immence preesure. Te lower part of te mantle is solid because it behaves as it is plastic. The mntle is about 1783 miles thick The mantle is located right under the crust.

Outer core

The outer core is liquid and is about 1,408 miles thick. The outer core is made of nickel and iron. The outer core is located between the inner core and the mantle. It is located 1,800 miles under the earth's crust. The temperature of the outer core is about 8000 degrees farenheight.

Inner core

The Inner core is the center of the earth. The inner core is a solid ball. The inner core is made of nickel and iron alloy. It is thought to be about as hot as the sun. The Inner core was found by the seismologist Inge Lehmann.

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Earth's Layers

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