Student Rights Project

QUEST Study of Rights and Media Bias


Create your own page by creating a log-in using your school gmail account.

Be careful! You do not need to confirm your password so if you enter it wrong, you may not realize it. Once you create your account, log out again and test that your password works before you start creating your site.

Once you create a site you will need to email me you URL so I can check your work.


  • Free Speech/Press in a School Newspaper
  • Pledge of Allegiance Compliance
  • Dress Codes
  • Freedom of Religion within Schools
  • Gender Discrimination on School Sports Teams
  • Locker/Bag Searches
  • Compulsory Attendance

Requirements of the Page

  1. Write an essay (350+ words required) stating your side of your assigned students' rights issue. This article should be based in facts, not opinions. However, remember that we are playing with media bias so be sure to use word choice and organization to create a definite slant to your website. It should be very clear which side of the issue you are supporting.
  2. You must interview at three people about their feelings about the topic you've been assigned. Choose at least one interview to include on your web page. You may include this information in the form of text or video.
  3. Include an embedded link to a Internet video that reflects your assigned issue.
  4. Include at least three pictures that help to enhance the readers understanding of your topic.
  5. Comment on at least three classmates' webpages, offering constructive criticism, compliments, or thought-provoking questions.
  6. Present your website to the class.

***Remember to Complete your Research Notes & Works Cited Page Too!***