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Lakeview Elementary Family Newsletter - June 5

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88 days until School Starts

Everyone's big question right now is, "What will school be like next year?" It's a great question to ask, and the answer is ... it's hard to say yet. One thing is for sure: We will have school! We will still need every family to register as usual in August, you will find out who your child's teacher is, and we will start school on September 1st. Will we all be in the building? Will we need to continue remote learning? Will it be a combination of the two? Those details are being worked out in every school and district across our nation this summer. But school is "on" and we will be excited to get started, so please continue to watch your email over the summer, check the district website, and follow district social media. We promise to keep you very informed.

Please be sure you have looked at the district calendar for the 2020-21 school year and marked dates on your home calendar. It is always available on the district website and you can access it directly at this link.

Meals will continue to be available this summer - stay tuned for updates to distribution times or locations for the summer months. And, of course, be sure students are reading every day all summer - it is the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education.

Critical Conversations

"It is easier to build strong children than fix broken adults" ~attributed to Frederick Douglass

The murder of George Floyd is impacting a nation already in crisis. Not only are we seeing the results, but so are our children. At Lakeview and in South Milwaukee, we are committed to equity - it is one of our three priority areas as a district. Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it does not affect you personally. Racism is affecting all of us, whether we realize it or not, and we need to talk with our children. They are watching us and waiting for the conversation. Here are some ideas:

As parents we may question how to talk to kids about what is happening in the world around us. In response to the protests following the death of George Floyd, parents can play an essential role in helping kids learn about and fight racism. Although the conversation may be difficult and we do not always have all the answers, these courageous conversations can have a huge impact. For guidance on how to approach conversations about race in an honest and developmentally appropriate way, see this GMA video clip and read this Aha Parenting article. Teaching Tolerance also reminds us that kids learn about acceptance of others by copying adult actions and words. This book titled Something Happened In Our Town discusses racial injustice and ways for kids to respond. As Lakeview staff, we are engaging in tough conversations in working towards racial justice, we remain committed to supporting students of color, and as always, we are here for you.

End of this school year

School will continue until the original end date of June 11. Please continue to make sure you and your child(ren) are connecting with teachers right up until June 11 (except for 4K which would have ended on June 10).

Student personal item & Yearbook pickup - Read this information carefully to learn about pickup times and procedures.

Another Lakeview staff procession is coming to you! On what would have been our last day of school, the teachers and staff of Lakeview will drive through neighborhoods to wish everyone a safe and happy summer. It will be on Thursday, June 11 starting at 4:00 p.m. We will follow the same route as last time (click below for a map of our route).

We are excited to have the opportunity to drive past student homes and wave to them and their families to show our care and support for everyone. During this event we need to continue to keep our families, students, and staff safe by following social distancing. If you are available during the procession, a wave from your front window, porch, driveway, or parking lot would be great! If you live in an apartment complex that does not have a road that goes in front of your home, please come to the nearest sidewalk, while still respecting social distancing guidelines. If you would like to, you are welcome to wear Lakeview attire (blue/white) or make signs to hold.

Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed home on June 11th. You will receive a short report card for trimester 3 with comments from teachers about engagement during the school closure, which covered most of the last trimester.

Staff changes

In the life-cycle of a school, we are sad to bid farewell to great staff members and happy to welcome new staff members to Lakeview for next year.

Staff we say "thank you" and "farewell" to:

Mrs. Zientara - Mrs. Z, our Speech and Language teacher is retiring after an incredible 34 year career, all of it in SDSM. Thank you, Mrs. Z. for your dedication to students!

Mr. Frasch (Mr. Jeff, our custodian) retired in the midst of the school closure after 19 years serving the school district.

Mrs. Krohn (5th grade) and Mrs. Spangler (Reading teacher) are both leaving Lakeview at the end of this school year - thank you both!

Mrs. Chmielewski (5K) is taking a leave of absence next school year, so we say a temporary farewell!

Mrs. Susedik (paraprofessional) will be working at Rawson Elementary next school year.

Staff we say "welcome" to:

Ms. Sanfelippo - our new Speech and Language teacher

Mrs. Zoellner - our new 1st grade teacher (next year, we will have 3 classes of first grade and only two classes of 5K due to class sizes)

Mrs. Paul - our new 5th grade teacher

Mr. Steiner - our new lead custodian. Mr. Steiner knows Lakeview well!

Ms. Mathes - our new paraprofessional joining us from Blakewood

Gifted & Talented Updates

For a review of the year from our Gifted & Talented Teacher, Ms. Harmeyer, please see this link.

Not returning to Lakeview in Fall?

If you have moved or are planning to move this summer and your student(s) will not be returning to Lakeview, please let us know. It truly helps our planning. You can find the emails of the secretaries and principal on the Lakeview homepage.

5th grade vaccination reminder

If your student is currently in 5th grade, please see this information from our district nurse regarding Tdap vaccinations for students entering middle school.

4K Registration for 2020-21

4K registration is open for the 2020-21 school year! If you or anyone you know needs to register for 4K, please use this link for more information and the online registration form.

Annual Notices

At times throughout the year, we include various annual notices. Please see this link for information about curriculum modification and homeless children and youth education.