If no one ever marries me

Laurence alma tadema

If no one ever marries me

If no one ever marries me,—
And I don't see why they should,
For nurse says I'm not pretty,
And I'm seldom very good—

If no one ever marries me
I shan't mind very much;
I shall buy a squirrel in a cage,
And a little rabbit-hutch:

I shall have a cottage near a wood,
And a pony all my own,
And a little lamb quite clean and tame,
That I can take to town:

And when I'm getting really old,—
At twenty-eight or nine—
I shall buy a little orphan-girl
And bring her up as mine.

What is this poem about?

In this poem it talks about a girl who would be alright without getting married. She says that she was never though of as beautiful or a very good person. But even with the thought of not getting married she still is going to do all the things that she wants to in life. She it's saying that she doesn't need a man in her life to make her happy, that she can do everything that she wants to on her own. In the end of the poem she. even says that she will adopt a child are raise her all on her own.

Why I picked this poem.

When i read this poem i though it was interesting. Because girls today are all about finding there other person that will make them whole and be there forever. But when you do this I feel like you forget how strong you can be all on your own. Who said that we need a man to help us along? I've always been very independent, so when I read this I like how confident and independent she Is. Not once did she say she would be sad if she never married or what she would miss out on. The only thing she says is all the things she will do happily on her own. And I find that very interesting.

Not getting married today lyrics

Bless this day,
Pinnacle of life,
Husband joined to wife.
The heart leaps up to behold
This golden day.

Today is for Amy,
Amy, I give you the rest of my life,
To cherish and to keep you, to honor you forever.
Today is for Amy,
My happily soon-to-be wife.

Pardon me, is everybody here? Because if everybody's here, I
want to thank you all for coming to the wedding, I'd appreciate
your going even more, I mean you must have lots of better things
to do, and not a word of this to Paul, remember Paul, you know,
the man I'm gonna marry, but I'm not, because I wouldn't ruin
anyone as wonderful as he is--
Thank you all
For the gifts and the flowers,
Thank you all,
Now it's back to the showers,
Don't tell Paul,
But I'm not getting married today.

Bless this day,
Tragedy of life,
Husband joined to wife.
The heart sinks down and feels dead
This dreadful day.

Listen, everybody, look, I don't know what you're waiting for,
a wedding, what's a wedding, it's a prehistoric ritual
where everybody promises fidelity forever, which is
maybe the most horrifying word I ever heard of, which is
followed by a honeymoon, where suddenly he'll realize he's
saddled with a nut, and wanna kill me, which he should--
Thanks a bunch,
But I'm not getting married--
Go have lunch,
'Cause I'm not getting married--
You've been grand,
But I'm not getting married--
Don't just stand there,
I'm not getting married--
And don't tell Paul,
But I'm not getting married today.

Go, can't you go?
Why is no-
Body listening?
Go and cry
At another person's wake.
If you're quick,
For a kick,
You could pick
Up a christening,
But please,
On my knees,
There's a human life at stake!

Listen everybody, I'm afraid you didn't hear, or do you want to
see a crazy lady fall apart in front of you, it isn't only Paul
who may be ruining his life, you know we'll both of us be losing
our identities, I telephoned my analyst about it and he said to
see him Monday, but by Monday I'll be floating in the Hudson with
the other garbage--
I'm not well,
So I'm not getting married--
You've been swell,
But I'm not getting married--
Clear the hall,
'Cause I'm not getting married--
Thank you all,
But I'm not getting married--
And don't tell Paul,
But I'm not getting married today.

Bless this bride,
Totally insane,
Slipping down the drain.
And bless this day in our hearts
As it starts
To rain.

AMY: Today is for
Go, can't you go? Amy,
Look, you know Amy,
I adore you all, I give you
But why The rest of
Watch me die My life,
Like Eliza on the ice? To cherish
Look, perhaps And to keep you,
I'll collapse To honor you
In the apse Forever,
Right before you all, Today is for Amy,
So take My happily
Back the cake, Soon-to-be
Burn the shoes and boil the rice. Wife,
Look, I didn't wanna have to My adorable
tell you, but I may be coming Wife.
down with Hepatitis, and I
think I'm gonna faint, so if
you wanna see me faint, I'll
do it happily, but wouldn't
it be funnier to go and watch
a funeral, so thank you for the
twenty-seven dinner plates,
thirty-seven butter knives,
forty-seven paperweights,
fifty-seven candleholders--

One more thing--

I am not getting married!


Softly said--

But I'm not getting married!


With this ring--

Still I'm not getting married!


I thee wed.

See, I'm not getting married!


Let us pray Let us pray
That we are getting married That I'm not getting married
Today! Today!


This song connects to my poem because...

The song talks about if a wedding and marriage is really all it's cracked up to be. She also says she has decided not to get married at all! This connects because in both instances they have no interest in getting married. The only thing is their positions are a little different.

My original poem

Ever since I was small I've planned my wedding day.

From the flowers ,to the cake, to the perfume I would spray.

But now that I am older and have plans for future times.

Would staying single really be such an awful crime?

I could travel all around the world,without a care or worry.

I could clean my house and do my laundry without anyone else's hurry.

I could take long baths and do my hair without knowledge of the hour.

And leave for work ,right on time ,without the though ,"did he turn off the shower?"

I could go out when I want, and stay in when I can.

with no question of where or why ,or corruption of my plans.

I could wake up bright and early just to see the morning sky.

Or talk for hours on the phone , just to tell my mother hi.

My friend will talk and chatter about how great their husbands are.

But for me, I'm good with popcorn and my TV's DVR.

Marriage can be beautiful ,and sweet and nice and fun.

But for right now, I'm ok with being a party made of one.