Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Unemployed? Unmarried? U.S. Male Citizen? 18-26 Years old?

Help Recover from our Great Depression

We plan to help our community recover from the Great Depression by focusing on Relief. Specifically, relief for young men between the ages of 18 and 26 whom are both unmarried, and unemployed that are seeking employment and in desperate need of money after our nations big loss.

But What Even is CCC?

CCC(Civilian Conservation Corps) is one of President Roosevelt's programs that are included in the new deal
The point of the Civilian Conservation Corp. is to give relief to young men going through these rough times and to preserve the natural resources of the United States.

So if you need help recovering from the great depression...

Then join the CCC today!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Exactly how does it work? The Department of Labor will recruit men ages from 18 to 26. The War Department will clothe and train you for two weeks and The Department of Agriculture will give you an assignment.
  • How much will we be making?--$30.00 a month, not a lot, but but one step closer to a richer man and maybe even a better man!!!
  • What will we be doing? CCC workers will be restoring our environment by planting trees, building roads , bridges, trails, phone lines, and restoring historical sites across the nation.

Civilian Conservation Corp

If you have any other questions about the civilian conservation corp, or are interested in joining, we will be holding a meeting in your local court room to answer these questions and will be recrutting the following Monday.;

Tree Army

  • One of the first main ideas I noticed the narrator explain is the two main goals. Number one is to relieve the massive unemployment rate among young men. Men back then were the ones who had to work for their families. They weren't really considered men so they had to get jobs through the CCC. Number to is restore the natural environments.
  • The second main idea I noticed is where the narrator explained what the CCC workers would be doing. They will be planting trees, building bridges, roads, phones lines, and restore historical sites.
  • They explained how the men had to suffer through hot weather....
FDR's Tree Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps