Beowulf Project

By: Davide Caramellino

My Grandfather

My Grandfather, nonno carlo, is my hero. He lives on torino italia, and he is an architect. I look up to him because he has always been there for me when I needed help. As a child he used to take me to the torino fc matches, and I would always spend my afternoons with him while my parents were at work. He made me inlove with football, and would always help me practice my shots. My grandfather played keeper when he was young, and he taught me everything I know about football, tactics, what teams were the best, or just how to play. My grandfather is my hero.

Hero quote

"Something deep in my character allows me to take the hit, and get right back to trying to win" - Leo Messi

Messi says that for him, people can not believe in him, hate on him, even hit him but he doesn't care, he will still win. Beowulf is the same way, he can get hit and still try to hill Grendels mom.

Movie and themes

The movie I chose is saving private ryan, it shows deadly battle because the men must find ryan and must battle there enemies in war, just like in beowulf.

The 2nd movie I chose was caption america that shows bravery when he saves the men just like beowulf when he fought Grendel

And the 3rd movie I chose 300 that shows epic because they fought an in tire army with 300 men