Library: Fall 2015 Semester Review

First semester has come and gone already! Wow. It sure went fast! The library has been a busy place this semester, and I love it! I have worked with many of you to help students learn, we have had many successful events and activities, and we have had many classes in to use the available resources.

Events we have hosted this semester...


Collaborating is great, isn't it? I love bouncing ideas around and working with someone else to make great lessons and activities for the kids. I have done some cool stuff this semester so far, including:

  • Working with Jen Solt's 12th Grade English classes to help them get started reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and to start working on their "Power of One" projects,. I will continue to work with Jen next semester on this unit when she has new 12th Grade English classes.
  • Working with Kris Ayers's Leadership class by helping them with their grant work and reading The Other Wes Moore. I have been in her class every other week for the entire semester, and plan to continue working with her next semester.
  • Working with Kim Carson to teach her study hall kids reading and writing strategies. I have been in at least three times this semester, and hope to continue next semester to keep helping the kids learn new strategies to be successful in their classes.
  • Helping many of you teach research skills to your classes, including teaching the kids how to use the databases effectively, how to do effective searches, citing sources, creating bibliographies, and evaluating sources.
  • Helping many of you incorporate the use of effective technology into your classes by making use of the awesome apps in Google. I have helped teachers create class email lists, create and share class folders, create and share class assignments, and help kids create and share assignments.
  • Working with classes to find books to read by doing book talks, library scavenger hunts, presenting information about banned books, and encouraging participation in the Common Read.

All of that work gets us closer to be recognized as a Highly Effective School Library Program! To get that recognition, I have to collaborate with 75% of you on a regular and consistent basis. We are moving toward it! And I love to be in classrooms teaching, so keep coming up with cool projects we can work together to create!

Fall Common Read: The Other Wes Moore

Professional Development

There have been many opportunities for Professional Development this year...

  • Book study: Brain Rules by John Medina. This has been a great read, with many applications to our work with kids. We have found many connections between ideas in the book and ways we can improve student learning and engagement.
  • Lunch PD with Liza. I have met with seven departments so far this year, with my goal being to meet with every department at least once before the end of the year. When we meet, I provide snacks and tools/information specific to the department. I have provided PD on topics such as, the district databases available, The New York Times Learning Network, voice recording online tools, and evaluating sources. I will be contacting departments to set up meetings for second semester.
  • Upcoming: Book study: Mindset by Carol Dweck. Looking forward to this one!
  • I am also adding to our Professional Development book collection. I have added a few books on Project-Based Learning since that is something we have talked about this year. Come by the Eagles' Den to check out what is available! All books can be checked out to take home.
  • What do you all want or need? Please let me know if there is something your department can benefit from!

Library Activity


Library Advisory

I am still hoping to form a small committee that will be like an advisory committee for the library. We will meet infrequently, but I want some staff input for events and activities, resources needed in the library, etc. Please let me know if you are interested. I will look into the possibility of TIC credit for this.