Jenna Fox Book

By Cole K

What is bioethics?

Bioethics is the research of health care, health science, and health policy. The impact of bioethics has brought changes in the way doctors treat sicknesses and do research. In The Adoration Of Jenna Fox bioethics had created bio gel. The bio gel allows organs to live for longer.
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My Society

My society's name is

1. How would your society define “legally human”?

My society would define it as a real mind, heart, and thought process. It would also be defined as if it is just a clone then it is not legally human. In the book The Adoration Of Jenna Fox it is classified as at least ten precent of the original human.

2. How would your society regulate the laws concerning biothetics?

By once a year going in for a check up. A body scan will be preformed that will be done to cheek if you are using too much biothetics. In the book you just must be 10 percent normal human. The other way in my society would do it is by keeping a record of any procedures that a person has had done on them self.

3. What would the consequences be if you broke these laws?

The person who had the procedure done on them would have to remove the parts or go to jail for life. The person who decided to have the procedure done on the patient if it is not the patient would be sentenced to 5 years in jail. In the book the government would just jail everybody that had some sort of interaction with Jenna or the procedure.