A symbol of Good Changed to Evil

Madison Powell p.7

History of the Swastika

The swastika is a symbol that has four equal arms that are 90°, and has been used in many parts of the world. The swastika first started out as a symbol for good fortune in many different religions and cultures, including buddhism and Hinduism. This symbol was used to bless marriages and to give people good luck all the time. in the 1920s Adolph Hitler a doctor this symbol for A German group called the Nazis. The Nazis have been involved in many different tragedies, including the holocaust in World War II. The holocaust was a war fought between the Nazis, a German's party, and the jews. The Nazis killed over 6 million in this disaster, and this whole thing was led by Adolph Hitler. This symbol goes from representing good fortune to a bad group that killed many.

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Interesting Facts

1. The Swastika is still used today in Buddhism and Hinduism.

2. The Nazi sign was originally created and deigned by Friedrich Krohn.

3.The swastika was a sign of good fortune till Hitler changed its meaning forever.

4. There is a town in Oklahoma named after the swastika.

5. During World War 1, the Swastika symbol was used on the shoulder pads of American 45th division.

6. Native Americans have used the Swastika symbol for many years back.

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More about the Swastika

During the times that the symbol was a good thing, it was used as a coke cola sign, and boy and girl scouts used it to title their magazines. It was used in religious and for good luck too. The man named Friedrich Krohn created this symbol many years ago during the BC times. It was originated in Aryavarta, or present day India. This symbol goes back for more than 50,000 years, and has been used a numerous amount of times. In many museums the swastika is present representing the Nazi party, and how it effected our world. The swastika has so many different meanings but the most common one is the German party.

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The Swastika is a symbol used world wide for many different reasons, but the most common one we know today is the Nazi party. When we hear the word Swastika so many different memories and tragedies come to mind. We think of death, war, and many more different things. Back then the symbol was to represent good luck, but today it is represented by evil