Safety of online procedures

Having a strong password

You will need to have a strong password which will have to be a certain amount of letters and numbers so then nobody will be able to figure out what it is.
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Ensure you have a secure wireless connection

If you have a secure wireless connection it will mean that noboby will be able to connect to the wireless connection that you have and if other people start to use it without you knowing it could also slow your internet down if you are on it at the same time


Make sure you have a secure password on your bluetooth so then nobody will be able to access your phone and go through your phone looking at everything that you have that will include all of your photos and they could even access your texts
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Online Shopping

Make sure that the online shopping website is secure and you will know if its secure by looking for the https in the search bar at the top. If the search bar dosnt have the https that could mean that the website you are using isn't secure and if you attempt to buy anything the people that have made the website could get your bank account details and could even take all your money.
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Online Banking

You will also need to ensure that you have a good password for your account and nobody should know your details except you because the person you trust could take all your money without you even knowing that it is them so you need a good password and you will nedd to keep all of your details safe.
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Online Gaming

When you are online playing game it is a good idea to know who you are playing with and who you are talking to because if you dont know the people are they ask to meet up with you for some reason about gaming you wont know who you are dealing with and what they might say or do to you. If you dont know the people dont meet up with them and dont give them personal iformation such as you email address and your mobile number and the address where you live.
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