Yellowstone National Park

By: Beth plunkett

Yellowstone National park is one of the most facinating national parks in the world. Many creatures known today have been descovered in the depths of the forests. Holding one of the most incredible valcanoes on earth.The valconoe erupts at least 2 to 3 thousand times a year.

creating one of the most facinating effects of the ecosytsem.

Geography of Yellowstone

Yellowstone lays in three different areas, all including, Wyoming,Idaho, and Montana.

The park concists of approximitly 400 waterfalls, each reaching up to 15 feet or higher.The valcanoe is the source of heat, creating the largest hydrothermal features in the world.The overall size of Yellowstone is 2,221,766.Yellowstone is the second largest national park in the world.

History of yellowstone

In the scorching hot summer of 1988, a dramatic fire touched down and burnt up many sections of the park. Some areas of the park, the fire had drmaticaly changed the apearence of the land.

Yellowstone was established on March 1, 1872. THe record visits consists of 3,144,405 people at once. The lowest ever recorded temperature was located at the west enterence at -66 degrees farenhieght.There has only been one ever historic Trail in in Yellowstone.

Features of Yellowstone

Yellowstone has over 300 enthographic recourses.Including over 5 park entrances , and approximately 1,000 miles of backyard country.Yellowstone has more than 301 campsites. Approximately 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes annually. There is twelve amazing major rivers that originate here.

Animal and plants of Yellowstone

80 percent of Yellowstone is covered in a type of tree called lodgepole. More than 199 species of exotic plants concists in Yellowstone. 67 species of mammals live there.322 species of birds , 4 species of amphibians live there.50 percent of Yellowstone is grassland , 80 percent is forests.

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