By Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz

Have you ever lost some in a shocking accident? Well, in this book Stormbreaker the author Anthony Horowitz keeps you on your toes about what's going to happen next. Alex Rider is at home when the police knocks on his door to tell him that his uncle Ian Rider has been killed. He doesn't know how, or why this happened but he is dedicated to find out. He is forced to become a spy where he will finish his uncles unfinished job. He is very unexperienced and if he makes the slightest error he will be killed.

He is assigned the mission in London. Alex will have to find out if the perfect Sayle is actually doing what he claims to be doing, or is he up to some mysterious plan? Although I couldn't relate to any of the events in this book, the author describes in vivid detail that made me feel like I was actually there. I definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes thrillers and suspense novels. Do you want to figure what happens to Alex? -Brandon Still