Mrs. Vansant's Newsletter


Fall Party

It was so nice seeing all of you during the fall party this week. We had such a great time and it would not have been a success without all your help and donations. Please see the pictures below! Thank you to the Manlove family for donating the class pumpkin and the fun game.

Homework this Week

Due to the busy nature of last week, I did not complete the growth goals. They will be in your child's mailbox for Monday.

No Homework on Monday this week, enjoy your free evening!



10/31 is the last date to enter a scholastic order for October! Our class code is L8T3M.

Pumpkin Study

Our pumpkin study was a great time. We weighed, measured, observed and described our pumpkin. Then, we cut the pumpkin open and got to get gooey with the pumpkin pulp. We also counted our pumpkin seeds in group and found that our pumpkin had 450 seeds!! So many cool reading and math standards were covered in this lesson!

What we are doing this week in class:


This week, we will be working on the -ed ending, which can say /t/, /d/ or the -ed sound. We will also be working on asking and answering questions in Non-Fiction text. In reading groups, we are working on different levels of fiction and nonfiction texts to reinforce previously taught skills.


Last week, we worked on revising our small moments by using revising strips, karets, and adding extra pages into our books. We have been talking about how "When you are done, you've just begun" and how adding details to our stories can make them more interesting.


In math, we are focusing on missing addends and story problems. We are playing games like "How Many am I Hiding" and "Counters in a Cup" to reinforce the concept of missing addend.


This week, we will learn about the different types of clouds in our Science unit. Last week, we wrapped up talk about thermometers and taking the temperatures.

Social Studies:

This week, we will explore the world around us using Scholastic World News! We will be learning about people that make pumpkins into giant boats!


Singing our "Good Morning" Song!