yellow eye penguin


The height of this penguin is 65-68 cm tall that's 2 feet tall .11-17.6 lbs or 5-8 kg that is as heavy as a new born baby that's light.

population/life span

Population size 4,000 penguins please help the penguins tell people not to kill them .Life span of a yellow-eyed penguin 22 years old that is old that's older than most collage kids.

weer they live

yellow-eyed penguind

geographic location /region/status

geographic location New Zealand,north otago.status endangered which means not a lot of them left.Help the penguins please.region New Zealand

fun facts

the yellow-eyed penguin is one of the most endangered penguins there is. they can dive up to 160 meters that's taller than your house.the yellow-eyed penguin is also known as Hoiho.