Land of the Perry

Fun Events

In Perrytopia there are many event and celebrations. On March 5,2016 Perrytopians celebrate Platypus Day one of the biggest celebrations in Perrytopia.
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Laws you need to know.

  • DO NOT hurt, kill, or eat the platypi.
  • DO NOT throw or dump anything harmful in the rivers/lakes.

If any of the laws are broken you will be banned from perrytopia and all of the special events.


  • President Kelsee Green is the president with co-president Arabella Maitland
  • platypi are free roming
  • neighboring islands/countries to visit Ancennteria, The Dreams of Minnie, and Bearstate.

National items

  • National dance: Platypus disco
  • National song: Circle of platypi
  • Nation nature call: (platypus noise)
  • National animal: Platypi
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  1. hills
  2. mountains
  3. lakes
  4. rivers
  5. plains
  6. ocean


The climate is tropical.The tropical climate lets our perrytopians grow many crops such as rice, sugar,vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, Cacao beans(chocolate), tea, sweet potato, fruit (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, coconut, mango,mountain apple, cherry, pineapple, banana). Some of those ingredients helpus make ICE CREAM!!!!