Jacob Gerlofs DeRoos

My Great Grandfather

When Was He Born?

Jacob Gerlofs De Roos was born on September 30th, 1901. He would live for 60 years.

Where Did He Live?

Jacob lived in Bon Homme County, South Dakota. He lived in many cities, which are Hancock, Running Water, and lastly Springfield. Although he died in Tyndall, he did not live there. He did not immigrate, his father did. He was born in South Dakota and died in South Dakota.


Friday, March 5th 1926 at 3pm

Harrison, Douglas, South Dakota, United States

Harrison, SD

Ms. Klein became Mrs. De Roos on March 5th, 1926, when she married Jacob. These two lovers were connected by providence and changed each other in many ways!

Birth to Twins!

Sunday, Dec. 26th 1926 at 5:30pm

Springfield, South Dakota, United States

Little Georgianna and Franklin G were born together, but to be separated when Franklin died two days after.

Birth to a Boy!

Sunday, April 6th 1930 at 2:45pm

Springfield, South Dakota, United States

Springfield, SD

Little Baby Gelvin was born and brought life to the family!

Where Did He Work?

Jacob was a farmer, deep in the heart of South Dakota. Then, he became a Real Estate Agent from 1955-1960ish. He built his own home, for his family, just before he died. He was also a very loving father and grandfather.


He never served in the Military.

What Historical Event Happened?

On September 14th, 6 days before Jacob was born, President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into office as the youngest president ever.

On Februaury 8th, 25 days before Jacob and Jennie got married, Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio became Walt Disney Studios.

An Extra Event

The year after Jacob died my mom was born! He died in 1961, and she was born in 1962! How funny!


Jacob Gerlofs De Roos was pronounced dead on November 20th, 1961. Everyone mourned but we're glad to have known him. He was a great father, and a wonderful husband.
Teddy Roosevelt Oath of Office 1905
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