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December 15, 2019

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Welcome our newest JC Eagle!

Please welcome Penelope Frances Perez to the JC Family! She is the first child of Special Education teacher Caroline Perez and her husband, Chris. Penelope made her grand entrance at 1:03 am on Friday morning weighing in at 7 lb. 12 oz. Mom, dad, and baby girl are all doing great and couldn't be happier!

Do you know Drop Off and Pick Up Etiquette at School?

Pulling up to the front circle, getting out of your car, walking your student to the door and giving them a big hug is the perfect scene for a Hallmark movie but does not make sense when there is a line of cars behind you.

If you must get out of the car to help your child then you should not be dropping off at the front entrance or picking up at car pickup. If you would like to exit your car and help your child in the morning then you may pull up next to the gym on the side of the building and take the few extra minutes you need without causing everyone else to wait. This is true even for early arrival at 7:30 am.

During dismissal, car pickup is only for students that can enter the car independently and strap themselves in.

Drivers please follow these procedures:

  • Drive up to the white sign along the gymnasium side of the school or the stop sign in front of the school. Do not stop in front of the main door. Pulling up to the top of the driveway will help keep the traffic moving.
  • Remain in the vehicle while students exit the car independently on the sidewalk side only.
  • Do not pass the car in front of you at any time. This is an extreme hazard and is strictly prohibited. Please wait in line, proceed around the loop, and exit onto East Elm Street or Milbank driveway.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones while driving on school grounds.

Once a student has been dropped off, he/she MUST stay on grounds.

Pick-up: Dismissal begins at 2:45 and will be staggered. Bus students, car riders, and walkers will be dismissed separately.

The front circle is restricted to buses only from 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm.

Cars are NOT allowed in the front circle during dismissal/pick-up. Drivers should enter Milbank driveway only (E. Elm Street entrance will be coned off).

  • Car riders in grades K-5 will be picked up on the gymnasium side of the building. There is no parking or standing. Vehicles must keep moving around the loop until their child is available for pick-up. Please display last name of student in large letters on visor or in window. This helps to keep the line moving!
  • Walkers being picked up by parents should be met on the blacktop on the playground side (South side) of the building.
  • Older siblings are able to meet younger siblings at their designated dismissal area with written permission from the parent.

Some tips for pick up and drop off etiquette:


For parents and guests of the school, parking is available in the lower level of the back parking lot, along the east side of driveway beyond the Teachers' lot. Please note that the 5 spaces immediately in front of the school are reserved for staff. Any cars that are in these spaces in the afternoon will not be able to move until buses have departed. There is NO PARKING along the entire north (field side), along the entire southern part of the driveway from Milbank to the Teachers' lot and anywhere there is a NO PARKING sign.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these very important safety matters.


The JC Service Club Needs Your Help!

Each month, Neighbor to Neighbor provides enough food to prepare over 25,000 nutritious meals for families in need here in Greenwich. People who come to Neighbor to Neighbor are able to choose healthy foods for their families.

This month, the Julian Curtiss Service Club is holding a food drive to help Neighbor to Neighbor support families in need for the holidays. We will be collecting food from now until Thursday, December 19th. The following items are most needed:

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Canned Meat (tuna or chicken)
  • Canned Fruit
  • Black Beans or Red Kidney Beans (dried or canned)
  • Cereal
  • Soup
  • Rice
  • Pasta

Donated food can be sent to school with your child or left in the crates at the end of the hallway by the gym (near the lost and found). Thank you for your support!

The JC Service Club

Mr. O'Brien, Ms. Stewart, and Mrs. Brush

Gift Procedures


Greenwich, Connecticut



“Gift” – Any money, item or service (other than authorized and approved volunteer services) given to an employee by an individual or group.

“Unduly expensive” - any gift with a value exceeding $200.00

“Single source” - an individual or a group (e.g. class parents, Booster Club, PTA)

The Greenwich Public Schools recognizes that students, parents, and others may wish to show appreciation to certified school district employees. Gifts of appreciation given by an individual student or a class, parents, booster clubs or other support organizations to any certified employee of the Greenwich Public Schools shall not be elaborate or unduly expensive.

At no time shall any certified employee of the school district accept money (cash, check), including gift cards which are considered cash equivalents (American Express, VISA, etc.), as a gift. For purposes of this procedure gift cards issued by a business (bookstore, restaurant, etc.) which can only be used at that business and which cannot be redeemed for cash are not considered money.

Certified staff members of the Greenwich Public Schools are vested by the public with a trust and responsibility requiring the highest ideals of professionalism. Connecticut General Statutes codify standards for teachers and administrators (Connecticut Code of Professional Responsibility for Teachers) to guide conduct and judicious appraisal of conduct in situations that have professional and ethical implications. The Code requires teachers to “decline any gratuity, gift or favor that would impair or influence professional decisions or actions.” This requirement is applied to all certified employees of the Greenwich Public Schools and includes all certified staff, full and part–time including coaches.

School system employees not covered under this procedure are governed by the Town of Greenwich Personnel Policy 406.1. Further, the Code of Ethics of the Town of Greenwich sets forth principles which all employees of the school district are expected to honor and follow.

For purposes of this procedure, the following items shall not be deemed in violation of this policy:

  1. An award, plaque, certificate, memento, or similar item given in recognition of the recipient’s civic, charitable, professional or public service.

  2. Food or beverage consumed at a single meal or event not exceeding $100 per person in value.

  3. Any gift or service from a single source with a value not exceeding $200.

  4. Promotional items generally distributed to the general public, the employees, or distributed at conventions.

  5. Opportunities, benefits, and services that are similarly available to the general public.

It is a violation of Board of Education policy for any employee to solicit, accept, or receive either a gift from a person or entity doing business with or seeking to do business with the district. It is also a violation of Board of Education policy for any employee to solicit, accept, or receive either compensation or payment for services rendered that are covered by the collective bargaining unit in effect.

Employees shall not solicit funds or other gifts for any purpose other than those approved by a school principal or superintendent. Employees shall not accept gifts from a single source which exceed $200 within one school year.

Any exception to this procedure must be reported in writing to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Employees who violate the provisions of this procedure may be subject to discipline, which may include reprimand, suspension, and/or termination or discharge.


Julian Curtiss Magnet School of World Languages

Mrs. Trish McGuire, Principal

Mrs. Brenda Brush, Assistant Principal