Worldwide Human Trafficking

People around the world are involved in human trafficking.

Background on Human Trafficking

People who are involved in human trafficking are forced to be in that situation. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry where perpetrators profit from the control and exploitation of others. Most women and girls of young ages starting from the age group of 8. Girls and women are used for commercial sex and boys and men are used for forced labor. Human trafficking happens worldwide, it's not only an issue that occurs in certain countries. Human trafficking can be led by drug cartels or different people.

Human Right Being Violated

Human Trafficking violates human rights because women are being forced into these things. Also it's a form of slavery and, some women are even abducted and forced into doing these things by being abused and treated badly. Also I think this would go under being tortured because I don't think anybody would enjoy these things happening to them. Also women have the right to be free within public and private places.

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

This is a hotline where people who are going through this issue can call and they can either get help or information. They are open 24 hours a day for seven days. They speak over 200 languages.

SMS: 233733 (Text "help" or "info")

Annotated Bibliography

This is a documentary made in India showing how kids live. The kids are in poor conditions and they don’t have much to live for, they hardly have a roof over their head. We used this to show people why human trafficking should stop, so kids can have a better life.

This website is an organization based on human trafficking. The website also provided us with many statistics based on human trafficking. It also shows what we can do to help.

This website provided us a definition of human trafficking. It is also showing us what can be done to help this issue.

This website gave us a specific place on where human trafficking is currently occurring. It shows that human trafficking involves kids as well. Even though the website is based off one certain country, all human trafficking is similar.

This website is showing statistics of the hotlines that are already made. It shows how many people have been reporting this issue. Even though so many issues are reported, many can’t get a hold of these hotlines or programs so there are still many unsolved cases of human trafficking.