civil war

Union's states

The union states are Ohio,Oregon,California,Illinois,Maine,Minnesota,Michigan ,New York,Kansas,Nevada,West VA.,Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,and Iowa.

What the union believed in

Most union soldiers believed in was that they were fighting to preserve the union.Some thought they were fighting to free the slaves.

3 Main leaders

  1. President Abraham Lincoln
  2. Dorothea Dix
  3. Harriet Tubman

Major events

Union Blockade-The union Blockade started a few weeks after the war started.It is also a part of the Anaconda Plan.The blockade ended in 1865.

Harpers Ferry Raid-On October 16,1859 John brown gathered 21 people for the raid of Harpers ferry.

The battle of Vicksburg

Vicksburg was a part of the mississippi river.It was the port on the river owned by the south.If the north owned vicksburg the south would not have a lot of food.I n the end of the battle the union won.This was a turning point in the war.

How the war affected the union

At the end of the war the north won and there was no more slavery.That is good for the union because the didn't like slavery.The war also improved economy in the north but in the south it damaged it.