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Wednesday: BIST in PM

4:00 SURPRISE Birthday Party for our PTA President, Peggy Chase. This will be in our kitchen and we are all invited! If you can swing by, please do. If nothing else, maybe we can help get south cleaned up at the end of day.


Diversity Festival at LN 6:00-8:00 (Family Event)


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Week of Nov. 11 SEL Lesson

Lesson 11: Identifying Your Triggers

  1. Circle: What are some + thoughts you tell yourself before you have to do something important? OR, What is something that really stresses you out? OR, When do you find yourself losing your cool?

  2. Skill Introduction: Triggers

    1. Trigger situations are circumstances that typically evoke strong feelings and make it difficult to stay in control and think clearly about what to do.

    2. Triggers can be certain people, places, situations, or things that lead us to feel upset, anxious, angry, or other negative emotions.

    3. We often don’t act our best in trigger situations, so it’s important to know what they are which is a step toward handling them better.

    4. Trigger situations lead to very strong feelings that can then make it hard for us to do our best problem-solving--even if we are normally good problem-solvers.

    5. Everyone has trigger situations and the triggers are very personal.

    6. Most of us have certain physical signals or symptoms that let us know we are dealing with a trigger situation. You can think of these signals as your stress signatures. SHare an example!

    7. Ask students to share feelings they get in their bodies when they are very nervous or upset about something and what kinds of things often lead to those sensations.

    8. To spark reflection and discussion of common triggers, complete the Challenge Inventory. After completion, do you think the ones marked 3s and 4s could be trigger situations? What do you think and feel about these challenges? How do you deal with them? What could help you handle these situations better?

Writing prompts:

Write about a situation that is a trigger for you and one where you feel confident.

How do you know when you are involved in a trigger situation? How do you feel? What are your thoughts?

Task Initiation Self-Assessment

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