January News!

Division 24 : Mrs. Ens

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! We are excited to be back at school and into our routines again! As I watch the students work, I am amazed at the change in them since before the Christmas break! I call this "Kindergarten Magic!" It seems that all of our hard work setting up routines, and practicing our basics, has paid off! We are ready for a new year of great learning! We look forward to Ms. Gill's return on January 20, when she will begin her long practicum. She has amazing lessons and wonderful themes prepared to share with the children and I know we will enjoy learning with her!

Home Reading!

We are ready to begin our home reading program! Beginning tomorrow, I will send home a small reading book with your child each day (Monday - Thursday). Please return the book each day so your child can choose another book to read. Please sign and record the name of the book in the home reading log (This is pretty much the same idea as the poetry duotang. It will be inside the plastic bag with the small reading book).

A few important things to note:

*Kindergarten children are not required to be reading fluently by the end of the school year. Some children will be ready, some will not. Please don't fret about your child's reading level! :)

*It is okay if your child chooses to bring home the same reading booklet for a few days in a row. The booklets are primarily pattern books which will have the same words on each page (e.g. I see a lion, I see a tiger, I see a monkey, etc.). Sometimes a child will choose the same book because it is predictable and they find success reading the same book over and over. This is totally fine (even though you may feel like it is driving you crazy!). Our goal is for the students to find "reading" to be a positive experience!

*Simple repetitive language in books will help your child begin to recognize sight words and build their confidence. The children should be looking at the pictures to help them "guess" words when they are reading.

*Please make reading a positive experience! Cuddling up with your child, praising their hard work and problem solving skills, and having some quality one on one time, will help your child form a positive attitude about reading. This is our ultimate goal in Kindergarten!

Thank you for your support of and partnership in our Home Reading Program!

Important Dates!

January 5: Back to Class!

January 18 - 29: Parent-Teacher Conferences!

January 20: Popcorn Day

January 20: Early Dismissal 1:28pm

January 20: Ms. Gill's first day back

Parent-Teacher Conferences

January 18-29 are the two weeks we have set aside to meet with parents to discuss their child's progress. Meetings will be approximately 30 minutes long and at your convenience. There will be time slots both before school and after school to accommodate your schedule. I will be staying until 7:00pm on January 19, 20, and 26 to make sure I can meet with those of you who work late.

Please call the office (604-597-0858) to set up an appointment time.

I am required to meet with at least one parent of each student in my class so I would appreciate it if you could find the time to meet with me! If these dates absolutely do not work for you, please contact me and we can make alternate arrangements. Thank you in advance!