Anne Frank

Biography by: Tyler H.

What Is Going On During This Time Period

During the time period Anne was born in there were many things going on. She was born into the beginning of WWII. During this time most of the world was divided into two groups. A man named Adolf Hitler is beginning to rise to power very quickly and running for top positions in the government. The world was beginning to become a very dangerous and treacherous place to live. In the middle of all of this Anne Frank was born.

Early Life and Family

On June 12, 1929 Annelies Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. When she was born she was the second child of her parents Otto and Edith Frank. She had an older sister named Margott. Anne was very like her dad and looked up to him a lot. the first four years of her life were happy and nearly carefree. Anne and Margott were very close and did many things together. She grew up with Hitler rising in power, but never expected it to come to what it did.

Gone Into Hiding

Early in June 1942, Anne's family received a letter ordering them to go to a concentration camp. They did not go to the camp, but instead hid in an apartment behind Otto's work at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. To avoid being found they left a fake trail suggesting that they had fled to Switzerland. Later more people joined them that worked with Otto. Some of Otto's worker risked their lives to smuggle them food and supplies. The living in the small apartment with eight people was rough. Anne called the group living in the apartment was the Secret Annex. The group lived in fear and had to be very quiet.

Anne's Diary

Anne wanted to become a writer and recorded the story of life in the apartment. She wrote her diary to an imaginary person named Kitty. She wrote about how people would sneak food to the group, her constant fear, and common loneliness. She often wrote about teenage problems. She wrote short stories and essays during her constant times of silent boredom.


On August 4, 1944 all eight members of the Secret Annex were arrested. Someone in their group had betrayed them. They were first deported to Westerbrook transit camp. After that they were brought to Auschwitz camp. Later Anne and Margot are moved to Bergen-Beslen camp.

Late Life and Death

Sadly, Anne doesn't have a late life. She died in February at age 15, but not because of gas chambers. She died for a sickness called typhus. Her mother had died earlier of starvation. Margot had died a month earlier of typhus. Her dad was the only one that survived the concentration camps. Anne had always wanted her diary to be read by others, so after her father found out she was dead, he published her diary.

Fun Facts

~ Otto Frank was Hitler's high commander before he quit that job. Which means that if he had not quit his job he would have possibly been Hitler's boss and could of prevented the Holocaust.

~ Anne often put pictures of famous people on her walls In her room.

~Anne is considered a brave, strong willed, amazing person.

~ Anne did not have much of an effect on society, she basically is just famous for her diary.

~ She had an effect on other people's life because she made people realize that even when things get rough, you can still work through it.

~ The hiding in the attic shaped Anne's life because she would not have been known about otherwise.

~ She left a legacy of strength and bravery.

~ I choose this person because she was extremely brave and had has a great story.

~ This person in special because of all she went through and the way she dealt with it.

~ I learned almost everything in this passage while writing this because I did not know much about her.

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