Wanted bacteria on the loose: $5,000 reward.

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WANTED: Mycobacterium leprae, also known as leprosy.

If seen, call doctor immediately. Can be very deadly if not caught soon.

  • Bacteria is rod shaped, often caught in groups, and found attacking nerve cells all over body.
  • If you see this bacteria attacking someone else, do not stick around. Leprosy may come after you next.

If it finds you:

  • If leprosy finds you, get help immediately. There is no stopping it, but treatment for symptoms is available.
  • Special clinics are available across the world to help with treatment.

  • It starts with a bacteria slowly growing in the body.
  • Do not cough or sneeze in public, unless you want it to attack others.

Danger level: 7

This bacteria will kill you if not caught and treated in time. It can cause horrible mutilations in your future. You do not want to mess with this bacteria.