Whitacre Unit News and Notes

September 2013



Preview Party – DESIGNER INFO

We're having a party! For all your customers and hostesses.

To participate, each designer will donate a minimum of $50 in original retail product. (Could come from Treasure Chest or other sales, one item or several, as long as the original retail was a minimum of $50 in new condition. NO PETITE JAR CANDLES. Fragrance gel is okay as long as paired with a warmer.)

If a designer has more than 4 participating guests she will need to add a piece of product for every 4 guests.

Designers will NOT be playing. You will be responsible for taking care of your guests and helping where needed. Have order tickets, catalogs and coaching packets prepared. To speed up the process to get tickets faster...PLEASE COACH YOUR GUESTS TO HAVE THEIR ORDERS READY WHEN THEY ARRIVE.

Orders submitted prior to this event do not count.

If a guest brings $100 in orders, those orders cannot be from someone that attends with her. They must be outside orders. She will get a ticket for having that guest, and that guest will get tickets based on how much she orders herself.

Special designer drawings:


· One chance for every $300 in pv orders placed that night.


· Bring a guest that has never attended a Celebrating Home event or meeting.

· ONE Designer with the highest sales over $500 will win a special prize.

WE WILL NOT BE SERVING FOOD. If you bring food, you will be asked to return it to your car.

BUSINESS DRESS IS REQUIRED. No jeans, shorts, sweats, scrubs, tennis shoes or rubber flip flops.

August Hotties

Congratulations to all our working Designers for August!
I will have a prize for each of you at our September 16th meeting!

Working Designers with $1000 or more in PV Sales:
Tami Dampier $1859.50 10% Bonus = $185.00 3 Parties Submitted
Lisa McCarthy $1838.00 10% Bonus = $183.00 (1st month of business) 2 Parties Submitted
Patti Whitacre $1253.00 5% Bonus = $62.00 3 Parties Submitted

Working Designers achieving $300 or move in PV Sales:
Lisle Berry $704.90 2 Parties Submitted
Nikki Tegtmeyer $627.00 (1st month of business) 1 Party Submitted

September Hostess Specials

September Customer Specials

Monthly Caring and Sharing Call Replay

Monday, Sep. 2nd 2013 at 9pm

Your Telephone At Your Convenience

Caring and Sharing Call
To listen to the replay dial 712-432-8999
then conference code 46729 then recording number 20139#

Patti Whitacre


Celebrating Home/Penelope Ann

Remember, I am always as close as your phone or an email if you have questions or need help.

School Pride at the Home Office

Our Newly Expanded Personalization Line