Old vs. New Technology

By: Anna Frischmon

Old Technology

  • At first, Internet was not available and did not become mainstream until 1991.
  • The first Macintosh had a handle for easy transportation, required a floppy disk to work, and had 12-13 different fonts.
  • Old Computers required you to type in certain codes in order to do certain functions
  • When Internet did become available, it made a very crazy and loud noise while it connected
  • In a household, one person could not be talking on the phone while the other was on the Internet
  • The Apple Lisa was the first computer to come out with a mouse

New Technology

  • Computers and laptops are able to connect to the internet almost instantly and can run while someone is using the phone.
  • Handheld devices allow access to the internet almost anywhere.
  • Thousands and thousands of different applications are able to be downloaded and used for different things (texting, designing, directions, etc).
  • There is a higher risk of exposing your personal information online.
  • Schools are giving their students iPads and laptops to do their homework on.