Compulsive Gambling

When gamblers start to have some problems like when they just can’t stop playing, then they are compulsive gamblers. All casino games are addictive, some quicker than others. When a gambler is playing casino games it is necessary for him to take breaks before they continue playing, when this doesn’t happen, then there is a problem.

There are two types of compulsive gamblers, both have low self-esteem; there is the one, who thinks he can develop skills in gambling to win a game, and that is his reason to play; the other one plays to escape from his problems, thinking that he can be free whole gambling.

Hopefully, a gambler can identify when he is having this problem, so he can do something about it before there’s no hope.

Before a gambler become helpless, he goes through four phases (some of them are skipped by the gambler): the first phase is the winning, when a gambler gets a big win he starts imagining how in the future gambling would give him a good life, all these fantasies leads him to more games. The second one is losing; here is where everything goes crazy, the gambler stops controlling the gambling and just things about playing more and more, even if he has lost all his money, he will continue playing with borrowed money. The third phase is the desperation, here is where the gambler cannot even pay his debts, but he still thinks that he can win and solve all his problems, after all that losing he thinks he has improve his chances of winning. The last one is the hopeless phase, it doesn’t sound good at all, does it? Here is where everything is now lost, no chance of winning to solve problems, there’s hope, the gamble also has legal problems due to his debts that he cannot pay, his emotions and social life are a complete disaster.

Not every gambler falls into compulsive gambling, the person can control this at the beginning. Whenever the person notices he is in one of the phases mentioned above, he should quit or at least control his gambling problem.

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