September 27, 2020

We Want Your Contact Information!

We have committed ourselves to focus on communication this year! One important aspect of this is having your correct phone number, email address, and home address. We don't want you to miss out on ANY of our bulk communications! Email us at communications@pcschools.net with any changes to your contact information.

Progress Report Grades are Ready!

It is hard to believe we have been in school for FIVE weeks! Access your student's grades in Tyler to see what their first Progress Report looks like. Email sholden@pcschools.net if you are having problems logging in to Tyler.

Ag Students Are Making Things!

Students in our Agriculture program are using welders, cutting torches, grinders, and other tools to make items that are used in the "real world" of farming & ranching.

Resources for Parents of The Class of 2021

We have dedicated a full page of our Pierce City R-VI website to The Class of 2021. This page helps parents with scheduling ACT testing, FAFSA applications, and other important college information. Check it out at this link: https://www.pcschools.net/o/pierce-city/page/seniors--29

Teacher of the Month - Mr. Pham

Mr. Pham has taught Math for many years at PCHS. This year, he has moved to PCMS to teach 7th & 8th Grade Math.

I went to Joplin High School.

I graduated from Joplin High School in 1992, from MSSU in 1996, and from PSU in 2003.

I've always respected my teachers and my parents wanted me to become a teacher.

I like to travel, hike, and watch anime in my spare time.

There's four in our family: Me, my wife Tina, and my two boys, Kyle and Kaden. We also have 3 guinea pigs and one dog.

I love martial arts and like to learn a lot of stuff on my own. For example, I learned to ride a bike by building one myself from a junk yard and ride it down a big hill. I also learned how to swim by jumping in a flooded river. There's motivation.

I like a good prank to make me laugh.

I like every gifts that students gave me because it tells me that they are sincere and appreciative of what I do. That makes me happy.

Upcoming Events

We have a few rescheduled events.
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