Genesee Valley BOCES

CoSer 526 Program

General Information

Genesee Valley BOCES Coser 526 Program is providing a service comprised of activities designed to strengthen instruction, raise standards, improve curriculum and assessment practices, and build capacity at local levels. Activities that do not specifically address strengthening instruction, raising standards, building local capacity, and assessing student progress cannot be part of this CoSer. Approved activities may include professional development (facility-based and/or web-based delivery), curriculum development/adaptation, assessment practices, and planning designed to meet the State initiatives.

Need Further Clarification?

Watch the webcast below that will take you through the GV BOCES 526 CoSer Program, give you specific details, and provide you with a model of how to fill out the CoSer 526 Forms.
CoSer 526 Overview Webcast

Great for new leaders and business officals

Eligible for Aid

Activities operated or co-sponsored by GV BOCES or other BOCES

  • Consultants & Materials
  • Registrations
  • Substitute Reimbursement
  • Teacher Stipend Payments

Not Eligible for Aid

  • Superintendent Conference Day Expenses (that are not shared or part of consultant costs)
  • Cost Associated with Activities Leading to College Credit
  • Computer Software and/or Computer Classes
  • Conference/Workshops Not Operated or Co-Sponsored by a BOCES: No Third-Party Vendors
  • Costs Associated with Uncertified Staff

General Reminders

  • Superintendents must approve all payments before submission to the CoSer
  • A planning sheet must be completed and approved 30 days prior to the event taking place
  • Two or more districts must be included for an activity to be considered a shared the activity
  • Unshared follow-up activities must take place within 18 months of the initiated activity and address the same topic as the initiated activity
  • Follow up work is limited to 15 days

CoSer 526 Forms

The documents below are "view only." Please make your own copy for editing. If you are uncertain on how to fill these forms out, there is a webcast below that can help.