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Welcome to 8th Grade English

2014-2015 8th Graders

This semester our 8th graders have taken a special interest in literature. The picture to the right is the students after they have completed a research assignment over a work of literature (that they had the option of choosing) in the school library. Students were challenged to use novels they had never read before while also including the vocabulary words they have been studying. Fun times were had!

Don't Forget to Schedule Your Parent-Teacher Conference!

Your student should have sent home a letter regarding sign-up times available for a one-on-one conference with me. Please fill out the form with a time that would work for you and have your student return it before Friday! If none of those times are possible for you, please call me at the school's number and we can work out another time!

Let Out a Cheer for these Top Readers!

9 Week Progress Reports will be distributed next Monday!


Congratulations to the 8th grade track team for coming home with a 1st place finishing at the Waco Track Invitational this past week!

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