C105 News

March 18, 2016

Report Cards

As you know, I have what's best for your child at heart and work very hard toward that end. If you have not already, soon you will be settling into your weekend and part of that will be enjoying reading your child's report card. You will notice some changes. I have adopted an alternate report card offered by the district. I know you will find it very informative and comprehensive. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Please return the empty envelope on Monday.

Book Launch Party

We have finished our comics and will be putting them together in a class book. I will be announcing our class finalists for the Comic Contest on Thursday. We will be having a book launch party on Wednesday, April 6 at 9AM. This short party is for us to celebrate our hard, hard work on completing this project. We will have copies of the book on our iPads to share with our guests.

Field Trips

We will be going on our walking field trip on Monday, please make sure your child is wearing good shoes for our long walk. For Wednesday's field trip to see Miss Nelson is Missing, students do not need to bring snack, their Homework folder or backpack to school. I will provide snack and we will eat lunch when we return to school. Chaperones, please be here by 9:00AM.


We are using the show to launch a new PBL project. Our Driving Question will be: How can we as first graders create and perform an awesome show? April 20 & 21 will be our exhibition night. During the exhibitions we will highlight the work we have done to lead us to an AWESOME performance of our play Grammarosaurus. Parents are invited to the assemblies on the 20th at 9AM and 10AM as well as the evening show on the 21st.

This week at Music class we were able to have a run through with scripts for all the scenes. As we are learning the songs for the show we are also practicing some Grammar rules--when the letter I is a word it is always a capital, the subject and verb of a sentence should match, quotation marks show speech... If your student has a speaking part they should have their lines memorized by March 23.

I will be tweeting our progress on Twitter @RoomC105! Remember, you can Google @RoomC105 to see our tweets if you don't want to get a Twitter account.

Mark Your Calendar

• March 22 Primary Talent Show Evening Performance 6PM-7:30

• March 25-April 3 Spring Break

• April 6 Book Launch Party 9AM

• April 20 Grammarosaurus Assemblies

• April 21 Grammarosaurus Night Show

• April 22 Bhangra Night

• April 29 Marvel Spirit Day

• April 30 Julianne’s Birthday

• May 4 Parent Volunteer Breakfast

• May 12 Time for Two Breakfast

• May 13 Katelyn's Birthday

• May 27 Spirit Day: Sports Day!

May 27th Mix It Up Day! Our partners will be 5th grade!

• June 9 Last Day of First Grade

• June 12 Jaleena's Birthday

• July 11 Myra's Birthday

• July 15 Hayden's Birthday

• July 16 Tyrus' Birthday

• August 10 Samah's Birthday

• August 14 Harman's Birthday!

• August 17 Ashaan's Birthday

• August 17 First Day of Second Grade!