The Amazing Tundra

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Animals In The Tundra

There are many animals in the tundra such as polar bear, arctic fox, arctic hare, snowy owl and much more. People think that the tundra has no life but they are wrong.But there are over 20+ animals in the tundra. The arctic fox is 20 to 28 inches long.The arctic fox has small ears which help it to keep warm.The arctic hare is a is a white hare.The arctic hare also changes color in the summer.Most animals in the tundra have fur called blubber to keep them warm.

Plants In The Tundra

There are many plants in the tundra but they all grow close to the ground.there are more than 16 kinds of plants. Flowers are alive for no more than a week . the plants have a green or brown color,thick stems,and have short roots.The marsh merry gold is hollow and the stems are about a foot there leafs are heart shaped and they are part of the buttercup family.

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Land Forms In The Tundra

The Tundra is an amazing place with many land forms like the ice cap and glacier. There is also there is permafrost that grows under the warm soil. The top layer of soil is warm under the warm soil there is frozen soil that stays frozen the whole year.

Weather in Tundra

The tundra has very cool weather, it is cold all year long an snowy in the winter, fall and spring.It has cool summers and very cold winters. Sometimes when solar rays from the sun hit the magnetic field the rays go to the poles and create the northern lights.(Above)

What makes the Tundra unique and special.

The tundra unique because the ground is frozen all year. The tundra biome is special because sometimes the tundra gets less rain than a desert. Also the tundra is also called the frozen desert.