Final Project

Nathan Watson

What you shouln't post online.

There are many things you shouldn't post online. One of these things is personal information, things like phone number or your address. People can come and find out your phone number and even where you live, if you need to share this information then do it via email or personal message so no one else sees it. Also never complain about your work, boss or co-workers on social sights. employers are starting to go through their employees walls on social networking sites you could get suspended or even fired if a employer finds out what you posted about them or your work in general. Never give out your location, people could easily find out where you are if you provide your location. Never post on your page that you are going on vacation, or how long this can tell thieves when they can attempt to break into your home and steal your items. Never tell, especially if your a child, that you are home alone people that know where you live then know that they can come to your home and not encounter difficulties getting to you.
What you shouldn't share on Facebook