Chelsea Kalar; Block 4

Information of Iron

Iron is a silver, grey color. Iron is a strong metal, and can be hammered and sliced into very thin pieces. Iron's has a melting point of 2,797 degrees Fahrenheit and a boiling point of 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Iron usually reacts with oxygen, creating rust. Iron is found in the ground, it makes up over 5% of earths crust. Iron has 4 naturally occurring isotopes. Iron is overall strong, popular metal used around the world.

Short Story

Short story

My name is Iron, and this is what I do on a normal day. Once I come out of my home, located in the Earth's crust, I go to the gym and get stronger. After the gym I like to go sit in the sauna and relax, since the sauna is not warm enough to make me melt of boil. Like most people, I have a two faced friend, named oxygen. He likes to hang out with me, but after sometime he ends up making me turn brown and rocky. I hate when he does that, because I am a nice shiny color that many people enjoy. Usually how I end my night is being bent and beaten into a useful tool. Sure, it sounds painful, but the tools and objects created out of me really help people. I am then sent or shipped off to a store or factory to be bought or used by somebody. It's a pretty interesting day in the life of Iron.