WestBurne Electric

Electrician Construction

Top Essential Skills

- Document Use

- Oral Communication

- Working with Others

- Computer Use

- Thinking

These Essential skills are the top essential skills you need to perform at westburne

Main Job Duties

- Take out the garbage

- Cleaning of shop

- Shipping and receiving packages

- Data Entry

- Customer service

- Code Calling

Redefining Distribution Everyday

The Job requires/Involves

- Physical labour

- well organized

- work well with others

- Ability to communicate effectively with Customers

- Ability to multi task

- Minimal supervision

Westburne Electric

Hours Of Operation

Monday To Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM

What Is westburne Electric

Here at westburne we are an electrical distributor that is here to assist you in any way. we have various types of all electrical equipment , so were sure we will have what your looking for.