Woodrow Wilson

The 28th president of the u.s.

Woodrow Wilson-The Early Years

Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia on December 28, 1856. Wilson Birthplace in Staunton at 18-24 north Coalter street is now the location of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential library. He ancestry was Scots-Irish. Wilson went to the Davidson college in North Carolina for the 1873 to 1874 school year.

Wilson a refoer

Woodrow Wilson was the first southerner in the white house since 1869, and worked closely with the southern leaders. Since 1856 Mr. Wilson and Grover Cleveland were the only Democrats elected president, so Mr. Wilson felt a need to appoint Democrats to all federal position. Wilson secured passage of the Federal Reserve Act in late 1913. Wilson had tried to find a middle ground between conservative Republicans, led by senator Nelson W. Aldrich, and the powerful left wing of the Democratic party, William Jennings Bryan, who strenuously denounced private banks and wall street. The Democrats lowered tariffs with the underwood tariff in 1913, though its effects were soon over helmed by the in trade caused by ww1. Wilson proved especially effective in mobilizing public opinion behind tariff changes by denouncing corporate lobbyists, addressing Congress in highly dramatic fashion, and staging an elaborate ceremony when he signed the bill into law. The revenue lost by a tariff was replaced by a federal income tax, authorized by the 16th amendment. Wilson death was on February 3, 1924. Wilson was 67 years old.


Wilson Death was on February 3, 1924. Wilson was 67 years old when he died.