The Olmec head


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The Olmec culture

The Olmec are considered by historians to be the mother culture of Mesoamerica.All later cultures, such as the Veracruz, Maya, Toltec and Aztecs all borrowed from the Olmec.the olmecs grew maize,beans,and squash.the Olmecs were the first people who settled down in the coastal regions of Central America.

Facts about the Olmec head

In the 1900's the Olmecs a small group that shared customs,history's,beliefs and other traits.The Olmec heads were build on 1875-1896 it took them about 21 years to make the statue.the statue was located on la venta,Veracruz.The architect of the Olmec head was called matter stirling. It was constructed to the culture of the Aztecs.There are still people who share
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About the Olmec head

The Olmec head weighted up to 30 tons and measured up to 5 to 11 feet.the Olmec head was made of carved basalt.The Olmecs were the first great culture in Mexico and Central America.But much the Olmec culture has been lost.The Olmec were religious and contact with the Gods was really important in a daily life.The Olmecs were very talented in artists and sculptors.
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The culture is gone

No way really knows what happened to the civilization.they say in 400bc it was all gone.The La Venta heads are thought to have been carved by 700 BC as early as 850 BC.while the San Lorenzo heads are credited to an earlier period.the Olmecs were an important early Mesoamerican civilization.

Three interesting facts

1.the olmecs had contact with the gods

2.the Olmec grew coaco beans

3.the heads represent to the warriors