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October 26, 2020

Need to Know Info...

Arrival/Dismissal in Front of the Building:

With our darker mornings and colder weather approaching, we need your help to keep arrival safe for our students. Below are some important details about arrival and a review of our dismissal procedures. We appreciate your cooperation to keep everyone safe during this busy time.

For students who are car riders to or from school, we encourage you to use the car rider line that crosses at Market Street and enters our east parking lot. This keeps the traffic down in front of our building where walkers and bike riders need to cross.

NEW: For parents who must travel down Mill Street during arrival/dismissal, we ask that you keep traffic limited to eastbound travel only from 75. If you must drop your student off at the front doors, we ask that you pull forward past the crossing guard before letting your children out of the car. Please release them quickly so we can keep traffic flowing. If you need to park to assist them with getting out of the car, please use the car rider line or park in the east parking lot and walk your child around to the front door when you are ready.

Vine Street is closed to car traffic before and after school, and this is our designated safe zone for students walking and biking to or from school. Please familiarize your students with this area.

Arrival - Students should not arrive prior to 7:30. The doors will open at 7:40, so encourage them to come as close to 7:40 as possible during these colder months. Tardy bell rings at 7:55. All walkers and bike riders should travel down Vine Street and cross with the crossing guard. If you have students who catch the bus to Western Boone, they need to board the bus at 7:40. I am not able to hold busses for students once they have started their engines to pull away from the school.

Dismissal - Walkers and Bus Riders will be dismissed after busses have exited the front drive. We need all walkers and bike riders to cross Mill Street with the crossing guard and travel north down Vine Street. We realize many parents and caregivers meet their children and walk to the gas station after school. However, we need everyone, even those with adult supervision, to travel down Vine at least one block before breaking off for the gas station. It is difficult to keep unattended students from following the crowd towards 75 during this busy time.

I know this can be a hectic time as families try to get everyone where they need to be and then get on to work. Thank you for your help. If we work together, we can get things done quicker and safer for everyone!

Masks: Students in grades 3-6 are still required to wear masks at school. Our younger students need to have a mask at school each day to wear when social distancing cannot be achieved. Please help your child remember to bring a mask to school each day. We have given out most of our surplus. If students come without a mask, we may need them to call home to have one brought to school.

Lost & Found: With the ever-changing weather, it is common for students to leave behind coats and sweatshirts at school. We collect lost and found on the bleachers in the gym. Every couple weeks, we bag it up and move it to a locker room. Please encourage your child to check lost and found for missing items. If they don't find it there, we can arrange a time to go through the inventory from the locker room; however, we will donate unclaimed items once a month in an effort to keep our inventory down. It is helpful if you can label tags in coats and backpacks so we can return lost items as we come across them. Thanks for your help.

Wrestling Club: If you have a child in grades 2-5 who might be interested in Youth Wrestling Club, please click here for more information.



29 - Virtual PTO Mtg, 6:30PM Zoom Link will be shared for anyone who wishes to join.


TES Kindness Challenge - more details to come

11 - Veterans' Day - watch for a link to our Virtual Program put on by 5th grade

16 - Girls on the Run 5K; Spell Bowl Competition

25 - Planned eLearning Day - Students will not attend in-person

26-27 Thanksgiving Break

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