Mr. B's Bright Lights of Fall

We are really gettin it done here!

Please Read, news about directories

School Directories:

Merton will have Two School Directories this year. In Skyward Family Access there is an online School Directory where guardians need to “opt in” and select the information (student, grade, address, phone number(s), email address) that they want to display district wide. If you would like to add your family information, please log into your Skyward Family Access and click My Account in the top right corner, scroll down and check which information under School Directory that you would like to display, then click Save at the top. This directory is available now in Family Access.

The second School Directory is a printed copy sponsored by PTO. This will include all families in the district including their name, address, phone number, student(s) with their current grade level(s). All families will be included unless they filled out the media form during this years Online Registration and turned it into the school office or you may also “opt out” by filling out this form by OCTOBER 5th The printed directory will be available on a date to be determined.

Door D access in the morning

At 8:30 each morning, the D door, near the gym will be locked. We are adding to the security of that area due to the high volume of children and families arriving from 8:30-8:40. We want to be sure that only school personnel and children use that entrance after 8:30. Mr. Sutter, or another staff member, will be opening the door to bring the children in at 8:40. Following the last child entering, he will make sure the door is secure. If you need to come into the building during that time, please park in the front of school and come in through the main entrance. Thanks for the cooperation, it is truly appreciated.
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ACTNOW, anti-bullying program in the Primary School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As a district, we are continuously striving to provide an inclusive, healthy, and safe learning environment for all students. To support this effort, we are once again utilizing an online bully-prevention program, Act Now. This program, created by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) in collaboration with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), provides grade level appropriate lessons, videos, and games focused on important topics such as; being a good friend, understanding feelings, and tattling vs telling. Act Now also gives children the skills to prevent and stop bullying situations. Ms. Kohnert( will deliver the program during her regularly scheduled lessons with each grade level during the first couple months of the school year.

During or after the completion of this program would be an excellent opportunity

to discuss some of these topics in greater depth with your child. We appreciate

that you may have a different perspective to add to our academic approach. Topics for discussion and additional resources can be found on the Act Now parent link.

We feel that health and wellness is an important part of your child‘s education.

This is not a permission slip. However, if you do NOT want your child to

participate in the program, please notify us in writing as soon as possible.


New faces greet our children

There are a few new faces in the building that your child is sure to have contact with each week. This includes a new gym teacher, Lauren Sieger; a new art teacher, Dawn Fernandez; a new second grade teacher, Shannon Sprung,; a new face to our school, yet a terrific addition, Brenda Schmidt , grade 4; Sarah Phillips in 5K,;and a teacher in a new role running our MakerSpace is Corinne Meissner. More pics and info from their rooms will be in future SMORES. WELCOME!

Speaking of Maker Space. . .

Our Primary School's former computer lab, full of desk tops, has been completely renovated for new activities that align with our STEM project-science, technology, engineering, math. The MAKER SPACE room is an exciting new area where creativity, collaboration, communication, and cooperation will combine to be a terrific foundation for the children to discover new ways to learn. Below are some of the facets of the new room. Mrs. Corinne Meissner and Mrs. Mary Iwanski collaborate on the planning, and Mrs. Meissner will deliver the instruction. Very Cool!

Handwriting Without Tears

Our handwriting program is called Handwriting Without Tears. We use this program in grades 4K-2. The program follows the developmental stages of the children and they learn techniques that will foster correct hand position and letter formation. Please see the pics below to learn a more about what it looks like.

We have been blessed!

Due to the amazing generosity of all of you, the hard work of event planners, the playground renovation committee, our PTO board members, and the school board, we have this amazing addition to our playground. And a big shout out to Mr. Frederick for his work on the turf purchase and installation!

Mike Budisch

We hope you had a good time at the first Family Night sponsored by our incredible PTO. It was very enjoyable joining you on a beautiful evening and celebrating the beginning of a terrific school year. Thanks for joining us and be on the lookout for other family activity nights here at school.