Lady Bug Number Matching Activity

Busy Bag for 4 Year Olds

Why did I choose to create this particular activity?

I chose to create the ladybug number matching activity because it was simple, easy to make and had hardly any complications. The activity would be fun and enjoyable for four year olds as the activity is made of bright, simple and recognisable colours and shapes such as the green leaves and red ladybugs. It would also keep them busy for a while.

Why/how is my item appropriate for this age group?

This activity is very appropriate for four year olds as they are able to understand and learn numbers, they are able to understand the concept of matching and they also know simple things like leaves and ladybugs. This activity would not be hard and unenjoyable for kids as the numbers only go up to 5, which keeps things simple and fun.

How I made this activity

There were four simple steps to making the lady bug number matching activity.

  1. I cut out leaves and ladybugs out of green and red cardboard
  2. For the dots on the lady bugs, I used black self adhesive circle stickers
  3. I used red cardboard to number each of the leaves
  4. I outlined the leaves and ladybugs to make it more distinctive to see after it was done :)

How does this activity contribute to the development of the child?

This activity contributes to cognitive and possibly social development as well. The child will learn numbers better by playing this matching activity and will be able to recognise them if they come across that number anywhere else. Social development can take place as well if the child plays with others. By interacting with other children in his/her own age group, he/she will observe how others play the activity and will most often that not, try to copy them. For example, if they see other children placing a ladybug with three spots on a number three leaf, that child will do the same, learning how the game goes. They may also learn the concept of sharing and taking turns while placing the lady bugs on the leaves while socialising.