Sputnik Mission

By Sarah Alagood

Sputnik 1

Sputnik 1 was launched successfully in 1957, on October 4. It took 98 minutes for it to orbit the earth. When the Americans saw Sputnik, they were really scared that the Soviets might be spying on them and listening to their conversations with the satellite. Sputnik 1 was 22.8 inches across, and weighed 183.9 pounds.

The Space Race

The Americans and Soviets were racing to be the first to make a satellite that went into space. The Soviets won that with Sputnik, but then the Americans were the first on the moon with Apollo 11. So you can imagine how disappointed the Americans were when Sputnik was launched. Not long after Sputnik, the Soviets had the capability to deliver bombs anywhere in the world.

Sputnik 2

Sputnik 2 was much bigger than Sputnik 1, being 13 feet high and weighing 1121 pounds. But the main difference is that Sputnik 2 had a passenger- Laika the Samoyed terrier. She weighed about 13 pounds, and died within two days of being on the satellite because of the heat. Laika had enough room to stand of sit, and received food that was like jello. She was connected to the ship with a harness, and was attached to a bag for droppings.
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