Mrs. Brenner

School Counselor

Dear Holgate students and families,

Hello Holgate students!

My name is Mrs. Brenner, and I am the HMS School Counselor.

I am available during the school day by phone, (725-7714) email, ( or the google document you will see below if you are an online learner. Students in the school building, you can also reach me by using the google document from your chromebook or school computer. If you would like to chat via video, contact me and we can set up a day and time.

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Student Self-Care Tips

For Virtual Learning

(adopted from "Self-Care Tips for Virtual Learners" -@rebeccacamgen)

Have a dedicated workspace - Having a designated workspace signals to your brain that it is time to work on assignments and then time to end schoolwork when you leave this area. This does not have to be an entire room, this can be an area of a room where your materials and computer stay.

Set “school” hours - It is easy to get distracted when school takes place at home. Set a time every day that you will dedicate to your assignments. Make sure SnapChat, Fortnite, TikTok, and COD are not open during this dedicated time. I know I love a good TikTok, but I can wait until my “school hours” are over!

Have a routine & write it down - Know your school’s expectations for logins and assignment submittal. Keep your routine similar to what you are used to: get up, shower, and get ready for your day. Do you have siblings in your home? Brainstorm what your routine looks like together!

Take breaks during your day - Make sure to step away from your schoolwork during lunch or snacks and add breaks for movement, mindfulness, and healthy activities. Your brain needs time to relax and recharge.

Intentionally end your day - This signals to your brain that “work” is done for the day. Try stretching or running in place to give your brain that needed signal.

Practice gratitude - Studies show that practicing acts of gratitude can actually change the brain to focus on the positive and help you feel more at ease in times of stress or uncertainty. Intentionally think of 3 you are grateful for each day. Share with a family member or friend!

Practice healthy activities - Team together with those in your home to try new games, projects or activities.

Check in with a positive friend & others - Reach out to someone each day to have a non-school related conversation.

Get enough sleep - Schooling from home can impact your sleep patterns. Be sure you are getting enough rest (8-10 hours of sleep is recommended). If you have trouble sleeping, there are free apps and podcasts to help. (Calm, Breathe, Headspace, etc)

Click below for our google classroom. You can use your school email to login. Class code: kjeskr4

*If you are in immediate need of help or mental health care, please refer to your local mental health agencies or local law enforcement.*

School Resource Officer—Officer Wolf: 605-228-3705

605-626-7911 (non-emergency dispatch)

SDMyLife - Xello

Students: to login, you will need your student ID (SSID) which is also the number you use for state testing. Example: Username: SD-1234567 Password: 02162006 (your birthdate, Feb 16, 2006= 02162006. Please contact me if you need this information!

Students & Families

Below are a list of some of some helpful articles for parents.

*Educating the whole child is as important to us at school as we know it is for you at home! Although our focus is on academics, so much of the school day revolves around physical health, social and emotional learning, life skills, and so much more. Here are a few "extras" for you at home.

Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment (CPCM South Dakota)

CDC Helping children cope with Natural Disasters

SD Family Engagement Center

Middle School Parent ToolKit

Anxiety in young children and tweens

Although this article is on ADHD, the strategies are great for all students!

Take care of each other :)!

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Mrs. Brenner- HMS School Counselor


Phone: 605-725-7714