The Case of The Missing Dress Code

Should Public Schools Have Dress Codes?

School Dress Code

About twenty percent of public schools have uniforms and almost all schools have dress codes.Some dress codes are more strict than others like you can't have writing or logos on clothing, but should your school have dress codes?


A school in New York got uniforms ,a more extreme dress code, and it minimized the amount of bullying and teasing because they had the same clothing on. Also it took the focas off what you were wearing so you could learn.When there is a dress code there was a decrease in violence too.The New York police department said the dress code and uniforms brought down crime by 14.7 percent and improved tolerence and belonging. Reasearch stated that sixty eight percent of parents belived it improved academic performance and eighty percent of girls,sixty percent of boys liked the uniforms.Some schools are protective of the students and make them wear cloths with the belt line showing because they are worried about guns being brought into schools.Parents spend lots of money on clothes and a school dress code helps them save some money.The good thing is you can still be creative in your own way if it is at least appropriate for school.


Some nasty critics believe it is unconstitutional to have a school dress code because it takes away students freedom of expression and creativity , but students can express themselves in many other ways.


In 1969 the dress code changed,you could wear things that expressed your creativity, but it couldn't distract others from learning that is what is like today.

Thought some people disagree with school dress code it has been proven to improve many school problems.

Interview with Claire Swanson