Branch Rickey the perserverer

A Man Who Believed in a Black Player

Maria H.


period 2

Branch fights for the black player.

Branch Rickey wanted justice for the black players. He wanted them to have the same opportunities as white people, so he fought for the black people.

An example of this is when Branch and Charley (a black player) were at a hotel and Charley was asked to leave because of his skin color. Branch Rickey was furious about this and wanted to take action. (289)

Branch ignores the hate

Rickey talked to Robinson about playing baseball for his team even though Robinson knew that that could have an effect on the public. Rickey didn’t worry about Robinson’s race or background Rickey just wanted to create his all black baseball team. Rickey persevered through all the bad comments and followed his dream. (292)


In the text it said “Branch Rickey lost that fight, but when he became the boss of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943, he felt the time for equality in baseball had come.”(289)

Screening results in bad comments

In the text it said,” One of the results of this thorough screening were reports from California athletic circles that I had been a racial agitator.” (292)