The Peloponnesian Wars

By Amelia P and Tamya E

The Cause of the Peloponnesian War

There was a league called the Delian League. The Delian League formed a treasury for city-states in the league. They could pay money to create a savings account. All the money went to Athens, Greece. Sparta got mad that Athens got the privilege to control all the money and Sparta did not. That is how the Peloponnesian war began.

Details of the Peloponnesian War

Sparta was generous in victory. Corinth wanted Athens leveled. They never wanted to put up with this bickering and warring again. But Sparta said no. The Spartan's admired bravery and Athens had shown true bravery. Instead, for the next ten years, Athens was an outpost of Sparta under Spartan rules. After ten years, Sparta gave Athens their Independence.

Effects on Peloponnesian War

When Athens surrendered, Sparta took control over them for many years. The King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great soon took over control of both city-states because he saw they were weakened by the Peloponnesian War.

Why is the Peloponnesian War Important

The Peloponnesian War is really important because the War allowed you to be introduced to Alexander The Great, and see all of the goals he accomplished .