Safety Patrol


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2014-2015 Syring Safety Patrol

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Promoting Safety for Syring Students

Safety patrols are important members of the Syring community. You may have noticed them at their patrol posts in the morning and afternoon. Syring patrols help students safely cross streets along the Oakview corridor. They assist in the Parent Pick-up Lane in the morning, helping young students get out of their cars and safely into school. Patrols also help adult aides at the school doors before the school day begins.

Please keep in mind: Safety Patrols direct children, not traffic. AAA training instructs patrols to hold students from crossing in front of all vehicles within their safety zone. This includes motorists who signal for children to cross in front of their cars.

Patrols provide their services for an entire school year.

  • They begin the first day of school in September and end the last day of school in June.
  • Typically, patrols report to their posts by 8:20 a.m. and enter the building with the bell.

Patrol posts are announced at the beginning of each marking period; thus, patrols are assigned posts four times per school year. Posts include street intersections along the Oakview corridor, parent pick-up lane and entry doors.

How Syring Safety Patrol Students Are Chosen

Mrs. Harbert and Mrs. Sherman nominate safety patrol candidates from their fourth grade classes at the end of the school year.

  • Teachers consider the consistency of student performance throughout the year: report cards, CREEK behaviors, attendance and punctuality.
  • Mrs. Neithercut has a short meeting with the nominees to discuss safety patrol responsibilities.
  • Nominees receive parent permission forms. Forms must be returned by an assigned date.
  • Mrs. Neithercut creates a distribution list for e-mail. Reminders are sent out for the safety patrol camp. Parents can communicate throughout the summer with questions, etc.

Patrol Requirements

Syring Safety Patrols are fifth grade students.

Patrols must maintain average-to-above average report cards.

Patrols must have good attendance and be punctual.

Patrols must be good role models for CREEK behavior:

  • Commit to learning
  • Respect others
  • Everyone is responsible
  • Everyone is safe
  • Kindness counts

Parents must provide permission to participate.

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Safety Patrol Camp

Attendance at the safety patrol camp is mandatory. Camp provides training for their future responsibilities. If there is a conflict, parents must contact Mrs. Neithercut.

Safety Patrol Camp is scheduled for Monday, August 25, 2014. Camp begins at 9:00 a.m. and dismisses about 1:30 p.m.

Camp provides training for roles and responsibilities during the upcoming school year.

AAA provides a training video, which patrols are required to watch.

Former safety patrols return for the day. They share and answer questions based upon their experiences and expertise.

Officer Szmansky visits the patrols and discusses expectations. He also shares a secret: he was a patrol when he was in school!

Team building activities are provided. These activities are fun, but also build upon the concept that we are one team.

Patrols are introduced to confidentiality, stating issues in a positive manner and rewarding positive behavior.

Patrols receive their uniforms: belts and badges. These must be worn whenever they are at their patrol posts. They pledge to maintain their grades, model CREEK behaviors and be on time to their posts.

This 'n That

Patrols MUST wear their uniforms when on duty: patrol belt and badge.

Weatherproof your patrol! Throughout the year, we advise our patrols to dress for the weather. Safety patrols work at their posts in all weather: hot, cold, rain, snow. You watch, they're at their posts every school day regardless of the weather. We're very proud of their dedication!

Patrols provide a valuable community service. We appreciate their time and effort!

Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is one of the rewards for safety patrols. It is served every Thursday, once the temperatures dip below freezing (32°). Hot chocolate is served any day the temperature is below 0° (brrr!).

Dairy Queen: The PTO sponsors a luncheon for safety patrols at Dairy Queen. We arrange the trip at the end of the school year. Mrs. Neithercut, the patrol supervisor, accompanies the patrols on a walk to DQ; volunteers are encouraged to chaperone. Patrols enjoy an extended lunch period as a reward for their year of service.

Service Awards: Patrols receive a certificate of participation during the Syring Celebration at the end of the school year. The certificate verifies they served as a safety patrol and can be used as proof if your child applies for the AAA safety patrol scholarship in high school.

Connie Neithercut, Safety Patrol Sponsor