JUNE 2015

Meet Viviana Teston, ANA’s new Administrator

Please welcome ANA’s new full-time Administrator, Viviana Teston, and her husband, Fernando Hernandez – a powerhouse couple who have ‘rebooted’ our communication and partnerships with City Hall and its many departments.

Viviana has a law degree and has worked on notaries on property matters, her background included also real estate offices as a closing legal assistant, and legal adviser on HOA Annual Meetings but her experience as an HOA Administrator started through her interest on neighbors participation and because of that she became board member on her own neighborhood Las Ceibas, Nuevo Vallarta, she is currently administrating Las Moradas, (an ANA Full Building Member) all of that has given her a strong financial management background and joint with her husband Fernando an Engineer that has worked for years in property appraisal, which has familiarized him with the inner workings of City Planning and Public Works, whose continuing cooperation and partnership is crucial to getting things done.

Together, they cover all the bases, and have been crucial to the success of our recent Pulpito Drag Derby fundraiser (see below), as well as establishing good personal relationships with City officials and the submission of petitions for pending Amapas street maintenance, lighting, and other improvement projects.

Viviana and Fernando live in Nuevo Vallarta with their two kids.

Regular office hours are 11-4, weekdays, in Ron Morgan Properties, on Olas Altas, across from The Palm, but Viviana is frequently out of the office, attending meetings or submitting petitions. You can set up an appointment by emailing her at or calling her at 322-129-5049.

Drag Derby Raises $30K pesos for Pulpito Plaza Improvements.

Headlined by Amy Armstrong, Kim Kuzma and Bohemia Viva, the 2nd Annual Pulpito Drag Derby kicked off this year’s Vallarta Pride, drawing a street-filling crowd. The fun started at five with great music and an underwear model competition judged by Andrew Christian.

The crowd cheered 13 drag contestants in outrageous costumes and heels as they worked their way through six crazy Derby ‘Challenges’ to the delight of the crowd.

The winner’s $5,000 peso prize was donated by Pinnacle Resorts. The ANA contributed another $5,000 pesos in seed-money, as well as organization, leadership and financial oversight, while 40 neighborhood volunteers gave their time and efforts to make the event a financial and entertainment success.

Derby profits went to support Pulpito-area street improvements and local charity SETAC. Photos and video at

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The ANA’s Plastics (Only) Recycling Program’s ‘test-phase’ gets underway next week with the delivery of 12 Recycling Baskets to participating condominiums.

The wire baskets – marked with the international recycling symbol and ‘Empty Plastic Containers ONLY, Please’ – will be placed in participating buildings by their own management or Responsible Member. It’s up to them to choose the location and notify residents. Pickup will be weekly, or bi-weekly, based on demand.

Each building will have a Responsible Member, as well as Administrator, Mozo or Security staff to coordinate collection and pickup, and to keep our ANA Administrator in touch with any problems or surprises as they arise.

This ‘low-season test’ will let us establish the program and work out the kinks. More baskets, and possibly more pickups, will be added, depending on demand.

The program was designed to be self-financed, but both collection baskets and pick-up service have turned out to be more expensive than planned, so some cost adjustments will probably have to be made. This test-run will help us figure it out.

Special thanks to member Terry Prill (Avalon) for heading up the program, Viviana for managing it, and Fernando for handling test-phase pickups.

Our program is currently Plastics Only. If it’s popular and successful – and recycling for other materials becomes available – we’ll look into expanding. But, for now, let’s concentrate on plastic containers. “Poco a poco”…


As a result of meetings with City officials, we are currently awaiting an inspection of Calle Hortensias by Obras Publicas engineers who will assess what is needed to repave Hortensias as it comes up from Highway 200.

The inspection will continue uphill to La Cima I, where Hortensias connects with Gardenias on the right, and continue past La Cima on the left, and along the lane where a retaining wall has been previously prescribed, terminating in front of Condo Hortensias.

About two weeks after the inspection, we expect to receive a construction materials list. With the City providing the labor, it will be up to us neighbors to come up with the pesos to buy the materials.

This is a total neighborhood project. Our Administrator and Treasurer will ‘do the math’ – what each resident of Hortensias and Gardenias (ANA member, or not) would have to contribute in order to pay for it. We’ll contact all residents and buildings for pledges.

Once we’ve received the necessary pledges, the ANA will issue a ‘cash call’…and once the actual funds have been collected, we’ll give the City a ‘Go.’

It’s an ambitious project, but our car suspensions and tires, our property values – and our kidneys – will thank us for contributing what’s needed.

As soon as we have our City inspection and materials list, we’ll let you know. We welcome any questions or suggestions at


Your ANA has been meeting with Obras Publicas (Public Works) and CiteLum, City contractor for street lighting. As a result, the following improvements are in the works:

  1. Installation of three attractive new street lights on Calle Abedul, leading down to our beach area. ANA has already purchased the fixtures.

  1. CiteLum will also partner with us to install similar new ‘decorative’ streetlights on our Malecon between Sapphire Beach Club and Manatamar, improving the looks of our beach community. We’ll be working with local businesses and property owners to make this happen.

  1. Installation of three attractive new street lights at Pulpito Plaza, plus uplights in our soon-to-be-landscaped planters.

Amapas Night Out

Friday, June 19th, 6-8pm

Amapas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Jal.



Junta Vecinal

Wednesday, June 24th, 4pm

Coco's Kitchen, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

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