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The gift of time ---> #youmatter

'Tis the season where people start thinking about the gifts they would like to give to the people in their lives who matter most. You may have noticed me using #youmatter. I want you each to know that you matter to me and to the children we all serve. Because #youmatter, I would like to give each of you the gift of time--a precious gift in education. :) I have been simmering on the best way to offer this gift and have settled on the least complicated way. I would like to drop in on every class between now and the Christmas break. I will take over your class for 30 minutes and read the book Buzzy the Bumblebee to your class. This is the book that I started reading at the Read-a-thon when I was "interrupted" by Mr. Ribet. :) It is a great book about overcoming challenges and never giving up and I would really like the opportunity to share it with each of our classes. Unfortunately, my complicated schedule will not allow me to actually schedule this with you ahead of time. Rather, I need to be able to just drop in on a class when I have a 30 minute window of time become available. When I drop in, you will be free to leave your classroom to do anything you need to do--or you can stay in your classroom and work on things you need to work on. However, I will be responsible for the lesson plan and the classroom management for that 30 minutes. You do not need to do anything to be prepared for this time--it is my gift to you and I hope you enjoy it. In fact, I am really looking forward to spending this time in each of our classrooms--including Specials and EC! (Specials--if your class has already heard me read the book, I will have a plan B for them.) That being said, if my timing is especially poor, feel free to turn me away and I will simply find another classroom to pop in to. I will then try another day to come back and steal your class. :) Thank you for all you do to lead learning every single day while also juggling the social and emotional needs of our disadvantaged students. Always remember that #youmatter!

Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Vaetta Cameron: I would like to nominate Vaetta Cameron for taking the lead in our classroom while I was doing bus training, and during my IEP meetings this week.

Greg Stivland: I would like to nominate Greg Stivland for a chance at the busy bee award. His knowledge and passion for students is so evident. I appreciate him sharing with us so that we all have an opportunity to offer students strategies that maximizes their learning. He is truly an asset to our school!

Cassidy Culbertson, Danielle Duncan, Sue Kolean, Damita Nocton, Charity Blanchard, Kim Brown, Nicki Bauer and Susie Mumper: Thank you to each of these leaders for being willing to be observed during our Teaching Studies this week! We appreciate your examples of being "Risk Takers"!

Making our Hive Thrive

Comments from visits this week:

K - Students know the routines and it is obvious that teachers have high expectations. Setting timers for literacy assignments and small group instruction is a great idea. Math binders filled with math tools is such a brilliant idea for K students.

1st- The math strategies that students are using and sharing are a reflection of great teaching. The math vocabulary that is being used by teachers and students is awesome.

2nd - Anchor charts are being used in such a meaningful way and students are using them as a resource. Math problem solving is being taught through story problems instead of in isolation.

Thomas Tidbits

I will be meeting with our PBIS team on Monday and will share updated information regarding our PBIS efforts at our staff meeting on December 3. Stay tuned for more information on #goodcallshome

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Counselor Corner

Guidance Lessons
Just a reminder that I will not be doing guidance lessons until January. Look for calendar invites for the next set of lessons.

BackPack Pals Fundraiser

Please help support our BackPack Pals program.
On Monday December 1st we will do a jean day to support the program. You can donate either $1 or $5. In addition to wearing jeans you will get raffle tickets. For $1 you will get 1 ticket. For $5 you will get 6 tickets. Please give your money to me, so I know how many tickets to give you.
They are also doing various spirit nights at local restaurants and a concert on Dec 4. Check out our website for more details. You are also welcome to buy extra raffle tickets if you like. My last day selling them will be Dec 2.

Cold weather

With the cold weather upon us, please make sure students are wearing coats to travel between buildings. This is a good time to notice if our students need support with coats, gloves or hats. Let me know if you have a child that needs these items.


Just a reminder that all volunteers need to fill out a volunteer form. There are forms in the office and I also have some. If the students are being left alone with a volunteer, then a background check needs to be done on them. This requires a different form and will take about 2 weeks to get the results. I know these forms have not been done in the past but we really should have information about who is in our school. You can keep a copy of the form but I need the originals. It will be safe just to get all your parent volunteers to fill out a form. Even if they have been volunteering for the past 5 years. I would like to make an updated list of all our current volunteers.

Federal Impact Aid forms

Please ask your parents to return these forms by December 5th. They can help us get money for our school. All parents should return them.

Hour of Code--The Largest Learning Event in History!!

We will be participating in the "Hour of Code" event December 8-15. Please follow the above links to learn more about the things your students could be involved in during this event. It will be an exciting way for students to feel more "globally" connected to students around the world. If you have other lessons or experiences planned for the STEAM lab during that week, feel free to move forward. For those who may not have plans established for that week, please consider using the lab to participate in this event. I look forward to tweeting all about the great learning in our lab that week!!
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STEAM lab reminders

  • Teachers--please check to see if you accidentally took iPad #15 with you back to your classroom thinking it was your classroom iPad. It may be somewhere in your classroom. It has still not turned up.
  • iPads should be plugged back into the cart to charge when your class is finished with them.
  • Please consider teaching students how to "kill" the apps so that we don't have a large collection of apps open and draining the battery.
  • iPad use is to be supervised--we had some students this week accessing music videos on the iPads instead of using the educational apps that are provided.
  • iPad cart should be locked before leaving the lab.
  • Door to the lab should be locked after leaving the lab.
  • iPads should remain in the STEAM lab at all times.
  • Check out http://pbskids.org/designsquad/ for ideas/lessons/resources for the lab.
  • Check out http://www.mcsstem.org/lessons--activities.html for additional ideas/lessons/resources.

Walkthrough Focus

We have observed so many great examples of movement and learning in our classrooms this month. Thanks to Greg Stivland's presentation, we have a clear understanding of how movement engages the brain and prepares it for learning--thank you for your efforts to get our students moving! As next week is a short week, we will not really have a walkthrough focus. Stay tuned for December's walkthrough focus. :)

Upcoming Dates

November 24: 2nd grade Field Trip

November 25: Faculty Staff meeting with Dr. Grimesey (3:00-3:45)

November 26: Optional Workday

November 27-28: Thanksgiving Break

December 1-5: Book Fair--Sir Readalot's Castle

December 2: Family night at the book fair--4:30-6:00 (Please encourage students to come "dressed to impress" in their Prince and Princess costumes.

December 3: Staff Meeting--please note that this is a week earlier than normal. We are scheduled to have "Fire Evacuation Training" with Assistant Fire Marshall--We will also be launching #GoodCallsHome.

December 4: Mary Carrington to present "Recognizing Giftedness in the Underserved" to all PLC teams

December 4: Alvita off campus for Skillful Observation & Coaching session--8:30-11:30

December 5: Early Release Day

December 5: Kindergarten Assistants in Reading Mastery Training with Laura Dendy from 8:00-3:00; 1st grade Assistants receive Reading Mastery Booster from 12:30-2:30;

December 5: Grade Level PLC teams working on Common Assessments

December 5: EC staff to meet with Alvita from 1:00-3:00

December 8-14: Hour of Code in the STEAM lab

December 10: Marci off campus for Principals Meeting

December 10: Duty Free Lunch with Dessert Bar (provided by PTA)

December 12: Kindergarten students to perform at Southern Pines Rotary

December 16: First Grade Celebration of the Arts

December 17: Southern Middle School Orchestra to perform @ 10:30 followed by School-wide Sing-a-long

December 18: YR Break begins

December 19: TR Break begins

January 2: Optional Workday

January 5: All students return from Break

January 5-16: SRI MOY

January 7: Marci off campus for Principals Meeting

January 8: Alvita off campus for Skill Observation & Coaching--8:30-11:30

January 12-February 3: mClass MOY

January 12-23: Math Benchmark for TR

January 14: School Improvement Site Visit

January 14: Staff Meeting

January 16: Early Release day--PD to be determined

January 19: No School

January 21: 1st and 2nd graders to Pinecrest @ 12:30 for Encore Kids! performance of the Carolina Philharmonic

January 21: Marci working with Dr. Rutherford--8:30-11:30

January 21-22: Marci at Friday Institute in Raleigh

January 21: SIT meeting

January 23: Volunteer Breakfast

January 26: Required Teacher Workday--DreamBox Session 8:00-9:00

January 28: Marci at Teaching Fellows Commission Meeting

January 30: Assistants at PD on Supporting the Literacy Framework--10:30-12:30